5 Best Cycling Computers

It’s always handy to be able to track your data when you go out for a ride. In this modern day, the best cycling computers do so much more than just record speed, cadence and heart rate. Advanced mapping and GPS software lets you explore new roads and offers turn by turn navigation. Smartphone connectivity allows you to view Strava live segments, notifications from your phone and automatically upload rides. Training with a power meter is considered the most accurate way to improve your fitness on the bike. Polar, Garmin, Stages and Lezyne all offer devices that not only connect to your power meter but offer coaching tools to help you train. So, which are the best cycling computers?

 Best Cycling Computers Recommended by Us:

  1. Garmin Edge 520 GPS Cycle Computer Bundle
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    Garmin Edge 520 GPS Cycle Computer Bundle

    The Garmin Edge 520 is one of the most popular cycle computers on the market and with good reason. We understand it can be a bit daunting when you buy a new piece of technology. You’re not sure exactly where to start or how to get the most from your device. The beauty of the Edge 520 is that straight out of the box it’s simple to use.

    Once paired with your smartphone you can access Strava Live Segments, wireless uploads, live tracking and download routes from your phone or laptop straight to your device.

    The 520 really comes into its own when you’re training with numbers and looking for that extra ‘edge’… no pun intended. In addition to the usual speed, cadence, heart rate and power numbers you can also set up advanced workouts, interval training and virtual partners. The interval training feature is perfect for those tough sessions as the 520 will tell you when to begin, what to do, when to rest and for how long for. The virtual partner is a fun little feature that lets you train with and chase a digital rider.

    The Garmin edge 520 is considered one of the best cycling computers


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  2. Polar V650 GPS Cycle Computer
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    Polar V650 GPS Cycle Computer

    The Polar V650 packs a lengthy list of features into a compact but easy to use colour-display touchscreen device. The software has been updated and now includes GPS mapping, training analysis, smart coaching and Strava Live segments.

    Good navigation and mapping features are essential for any state of the art cycle computer. The Polar Flow app allows you to sync any route from your mobile device, making it easy to explore new roads and ensure you don’t get lost. Power data is crucial to a growing number of serious and amateur cyclists alike. The V650 can now be paired with more power meters than ever before. It also gives you the option to conduct an FTP test which is then used by the Polar Zone Pointer to keep you within the necessary zones when training

    For more information on the V650 check out our in-depth guide.

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  3. Lezyne Super GPS Cycle Computer
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    Lezyne Super GPS Cycle Computer

    While Lezyne may not be the first brand that popped into your head when looking for a cycling computer, they’re certainly one to consider. They offer a wide range of cycling computers, in a variety of sizes at extremely affordable prices.

    The Super GPS works in harmony with your smartphone allowing you to transfer routes and maps, view Strava Live segments, see notifications on your phone and much more. The display may not be colour-screen but the battery life is fantastic and the screens are fully customisable.

    ANT+ is used to connect power meters, speed sensors etc. although speed can be tracking using the inbuilt accelerometer. All these features, and more, for less than three figures, make the Lezyne Super GPS one of the best cycling computers on the market.

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  4. Stages Dash
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    Stages Dash

    Stages have been around for a while, they’re famous for their left-side power meters, as used by Team Sky. Recently, however, they’ve entered the head unit market with the Stages Dash. The Dash is perfect for any cyclist using a power that has calibrated their power meter, clipped in and thought, “What next?”.

    Many of us have a power meter but not all of us know how to use it effectively to improve performance. Wireless synced workouts and mid-ride prompts mean you’ll never have to write your intervals on your hand ever again. Stages Link allows you to quickly analyse your data after a ride so that you can keep on top of your performance gains.

    An anti-glare screen makes numbers easy to read even in changeable light conditions. With both landscape and portrait setup options, the Dash is ideal for swapping between bikes. Most will prefer landscape on a road bike while portrait is perfect for positioning between tri-bars on a TT bike.

    the satges dash is one of the newest bike computers on the market

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  5. Garmin Edge 820 GPS Cycling Computer
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    Garmin Edge 820 GPS Cycling Computer

    Maps on small GPS bike computers can often be difficult to read, especially when you’re riding at speed. The Edge 820 has some of the most advanced GPS software of any cycle computers on the market and it’s high-resolution, touchscreen makes navigation a dream.

    If you’re cycling in an area you don’t know well or you’re simply looking to explore new roads then the Garmin Edge 820 is perfect. Just select how far you want to ride and in what direction and the Edge creates a route for you. At the end of your ride, your activity will be wirelessly uploaded to Garmin Connect and any third party apps such as Strava.

    Much like the 520, the 820 is jam-packed with training features. From basic readings like speed and power to advanced performance monitoring such as VO2 max and FTP tracking. Performance Condition is particularly useful as it updates you on your fitness level at the start of each training session and lets you know how long recovery will take.

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