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Do You Need a Bike Light?

Depending on where you live, you might be required to ride with lights, particularly after dark. In the UK, the Highway Code states that, “At night your cycle MUST have white front and red rear lights lit.” It’s also worth considering that the Highway Code requires that a red rear reflector is needed, as well as pedal reflectors. It’s important you check the requirements in your region; you can read more detail on Highway Code rule 60 on the government's website.

Legal requirements aside and regardless of whether you ride after dark or not, a quality set of bike lights should be the first accessory you think to buy. After a bike bell and handlebar tassels, that is. During the winter months, when visibility is typically poorer, daytime-running lights will ensure that you’re seen by even the most hard-of-seeing motorist.

The Modern Bike Light

Bike lights have improved a lot in recent years, in terms of visual output, weight, and battery longevity. This improvement has been brought about by more widespread use of efficient LED lights that can generate more light per watt than the halogen or metal-halide bulbs of old. Improvements brought about by lithium batteries means that brighter lights can run for longer than previous generations.

What Bike Lights Do You Need?

It’s important to think about what you need to get from your bike lights. Do you need to light up pitch-dark off-road trails or do you just need something to ensure you’re seen while bike-commuting in urban areas. The former will, of course, require a vastly more powerful device. A Cateye Volt, for example, with up to 1700 lumens is a powerful light, that’ll let you see even on the darkest trails. Whereas something a bit smaller like that Lezyne Zecto Drive, with only 250 lumens, makes an excellent supplementary light or something to give you a bit more visibility to motorists in well lit areas.