Capture the feeling of a new day
Shimano 105 Di2 is an ode to the magic that each new day brings. It shifts our perspective and inspires us to see the world around us in a whole new light.
As if through rose-tinted glasses, and as if for the first time – in all its glorious technicolor.
Shimano 105 Di2 energizes us. It awakens our senses. It sparks our curiosity and urges us to contemplate the hidden beauty that’s all around us. It dares us to grab our bike and find out what lies ahead.

Each new day brings fresh promise.
Fresh ways of thinking. Fresh ways of seeing. Fresh ways of being.
Each new day brings a burst of life.
Shimano 105 Di2...
It's a new day




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The Shimano 105 R7150 Di2 groupset is easily the most eagerly awaited groupset of the 21st Century. Since the introduction electronic shifting by the Japanese component makers, people have been asking when will it come to the ever-popular 105 range. At long last, it finally has.

The mechanical version of the 105 series is easily one of the most reliable and affordable performance groupsets of all time. Now, with 12-speed and electronic gear changes, the gap between the brand’s mid-tier range and its top-tier is closer than ever; making it more and more difficult to justify buying Dura-Ace or Ultegra.

Years Of Battery

For the technophobes, put off by the risk of being stranded without battery and, consequently, the ability to change gears, you need fear not. 105 Di2 is power by two CR1632 coin-cell batteries, that boast up to three years’ worth of battery life. Even the most ardent of users won’t find themselves in a constant state charging and swapping batteries.

Semi-wireless Setup

105 R7150 draws on the same semi-wireless, 12-speed technology that features in the more premium models offered by the brand. The implications of the proprietary, semi-wireless system are that there is no need for wires from the shifters to the derailleurs. As the wires and cables have been done away with, a bike set up with 105 Di2 presents a much cleaner cockpit.

Shift Into Gear

It goes without saying that one of the most notable changes for Shimano 105 Di2 is in the shifters. The ST-R7170 levers, of course, have no need for a means to pull cable through and now operate in much the same way as the top-of-the-line Ultegra and Dura-Ace shifters. Changing gear could not really bue much easier: click a button on the shifter and that’s about it. As you would expect from a company like Shimano, with years’ worth of experience in electronic shifting, gear changes are fast and smooth.

The Derailleur

The front and rear derailleurs are other notable changes from the mechanical 105 groupset. The R7150 rear derailleur is an integrated, 12-speed wireless unit, capable of handling up to an 11–36T cassette.

The 105 Di2 front derailleur has also been overhauled. Regardless of the conditions, it’ll offer you smooth shifting at the click of a button.

The Crank

The R7100 crankset continues to incorporate Shimano’s famed Hollowtech II technology. One major difference is it is now 2x12-speed. This technology is employed in a number of Shimano’s products and offers a sturdy crankset, that is stiff and relatively light.

For 105 Di2, cranksets are available as a compact (50-34 tooth) and in crank-arm lengths of 170mm and 172.5mm.

Stopping Performance

Shimano have been perfecting their road hydraulic disc brakes for a number of years now. And yet, the ST-R7170 brakes of improved braking performance on the previous version. The lever-action required for braking is now lighter and smoother, offering a greater area for braking control. Lastly, 105 Di2’s brakes boast an additional 10% clearance for pads, reducing braking noise. Overall, rain or shine, you can be assured of high-performance stopping power.