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Zipp Wheels

If you are looking for some of the most enviable bike wheels on the market, it’s hard to look past any Zipp wheel. The US-based brand have been building some of the most cutting edge wheelsets for decades now, and are constantly striving to improve their offering. As you’d expect from a brand that refers to its range as “Speed Weaponry”, their wheels are dedicated to going fast!

Broadly, Zipp offers wheels for the road in the sub-brands S-series, Firecrest, and NSW. All of these wheels are lightweight, aerodynamic, and reliable. They are constructed with decades of design experience and the best materials in the business, meaning they are a perfect choice for any performance-orientated bike.

S, Firecrest, NSW

The S-series is the company’s lower tier product, but certainly isn’t subpar. Through refinement of the engineering and manufacturing process the US brand has been able to reduce the cost of producing this range and passed on the savings to the consumer. The 303 S represents a great choice if you want a wheel that’s capable of tackling climbs and road races, but at a more affordable price.

The Firecrest range are some of the brand’s most revered. They’ve ferried numerous world-class athletes in the some of the biggest races of the modern age. Built to be tough and capable, but also fast, they are the go-to wheel for pros in races as varied as the cobbled classics and cyclocross events. That’s not to say they are suited to only the most grueling races. Available in a variety of rim depths—as the Firecrest 303, 404, and 808—they’re also speedy. If it’s a solid all-round wheelset you’re looking for then it’s perhaps the best on the market.

The NSW range is built purely for speed. The already iconic sawtooth profile makes these easily stand out among a peloton. Though fast, consideration has been given to the handling too. Even though they’re deep, they tackle crosswinds well, giving you confidence even on those tough days out on the bike.

Rim Brake, Disc Brake, Clincher, Tubeless

Additionally, in line with modern wheel development, the latest ranges from Zipp come in clincher and tubeless versions and disc or rim brake, so whatever your preference you’ll find the find the perfect pair for your set up.

At ProBikeKit we have you covered with a huge range from 303s to 858s, and everything in between. Whether you’re looking to conquer mountains, cobbles, or simply ride fast with your mates, there’s bound to be something to suit your need.