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When riding trails at night, it should go without saying that you’ll need a powerful light, capable of lighting up every bit of the trail ahead. However, the best mountain bike light is somewhat hard to determine. It will vary depending on type of riding you’ll be doing, the terrain, how dark it is, how long you’ll be riding, and how far from civilisation you might be.

What To Consider When Buying a Mountain Bike Light

There are three key considerations for an off-road bike light:

· the lumens (how bright it is),

· the battery life,

· the beam shape or pattern,

You’ll also want to think about other things like the mounting off your light, and whether you can charge it while riding (if that’s needed).

Light It Up

In terms of lumens—how bright the light is—for lighting up a pitch-black trail you’ll ideally have a minimum of 1,500 lumens. You could use less than this, if where/when you ride isn’t completely dark, the trails aren’t that technical, and you aren’t looking to tear it up.

Battery Life and Run Time

Battery life / run time is another factor that’s going to vary. When running a light on the most powerful setting you’ll get substantially less use out of it than on the lowest. For the top lights you’ll get anything from an hour to up to about three hours.

Beam It All About

The beam pattern is how the light actually disperses the light. A light can either be highly focussed in a spot pattern or widely dispersed in a flood pattern. The more focussed beam is better at picking out details directly ahead and a wider flood pattern helps to get a sense of hazards further afield. Some lights will be able to adequately do both.

Lastly, as mentioned, you’ll want to consider the mounting point and whether you can attach an external battery pack.