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Across the world, if you’re riding after dark, it’s likely you’ll be required to use bike lights. Even if you aren’t, the safety and security of seeing where you’re going and being seen by other road users is a no brainer.

What To Consider

When it comes to rechargeable bike lights, of course you’ll want to consider the battery life you get from your lights. Depending on the battery and light, you’re likely looking at a charge time between two hours and four-and-a-half hours. In terms of the use time, you’ll likely enjoy from your lights, this will depend on the light and the setting you are using. In a low light / flashing mode you could get 12 hours or more of run time out of a light. At a more intense level of lighting, run time will be substantially less. If you are planning to use a light for a specific event, it’s worthwhile checking the battery life of your light on the likely setting you’ll be using. The benefit of rechargeable, USB lights is that you can plug in an external battery pack and run them for significantly longer than their battery would allow.