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Look was founded in 1951 by Jean Beyl, but not as the famed bike maker we know today. Originally, the component makers weren’t known for their cycling expertise; the brand began life by producing a ski binding that could detach from the ski. This innovation was brought about after Beyl suffered a broken leg in a skiing accident, which he attributed to his leg being affixed to the ski.

The Birth of an Icon

It’s from 1983 onwards that Look really stepped up its involvement in cycling, after the company was bought by the Bernard Tapie Sport Group. Legendary cyclist Bernard Hinault was recruited as something of a frontman for the brand, and in conjunction with La Vie Claire an iconic cycling team came to life.

Clipless for the Win

In 1984 the ski-binding system, pioneered by Look, was adapted for use in cycling. In 1985, the brand’s first clipless pedal system was used by Hinault in the Tour de France. After a dramatic crash, during a stage’s final sprint, Hinault credited the clipless pedal system as the reason he was able to carry on, and eventually win that year’s Tour!

Blade of Glory

Since this explosive entrance, the pedal system has been refined, and is now one of the most well regarded on the market. The Look Keo and Blade are used by some of the top performing cyclists of the time. They offer a secure fit, and strong platform that maximises power transfer from you to forward motion. For mountain biking, the brand has more recently brought in their expertise to the X-Track and Geo systems. Whether you’re a racer, commuter, or adventurer cyclist, there’s a high-quality option for you.