See.Sense ICON Bike Lights

See.Sense ICON Bike Lights

Now is the best time to invest in a set of the best bike lights to make yourself visible on the roads. The combination of intelligence and connectedness gives the See.Sense bike lights their name: ICON. With a similar design to car lights, See.Sense are super bright and will cater to every cyclist’s need, keeping you safe at any time of day through the use of advanced sensor technology.

About the Brand

See.Sense are a newly established brand, having progressed from an idea created by commuter cyclist Philip McAleese after he experienced an accident. His invention was tested on local cyclists and the perfect feedback gave him the go-ahead to make his design come to life in 2013.

The motive behind See.Sense is to increase safety for urban cyclists and it took more than five years of research and development to finalise the bike lights. All of this hard work has paid off however, as a plethora of awards have been received by See.Sense – the most recent being’s People’s Choice Award for the ‘Best Rear Light’ in November 2015.

The brand is also committed to the environment, through what they call ‘tree sense’. They believe that because cycling is environmentally friendly, their business should be too. So for every set of bike lights that are sold, See.Sense donate a tree through WeForest – a tree-planting charity.

See.Sense ICON Bike Lights: Intelligent and Connected

See.Sense ICON are much more than normal bike lights. They turn your bike into a connected ride with a number of characteristics that make them smart, unique and leading in their industry.

Monitoring the environment is one form of intelligence of the See.Sense bike lights. With your safety at the core of design, See.Sense ICON react to roundabouts, road junctions and oncoming car headlights at night to ensure that you are always visible to other road users. The advanced optics also give you focussed and side illumination of 180 degree visibility so you can see as well as be seen. As well as this, the lights change brightness accordingly, as well as controlling flash rate when noticing changes in the surrounding environment.

These revolutionary bike lights don’t only have a brain of their own, but innovative technology in design has created a connectedness like no other bike light – with an app available to download on your smartphone, you will find that the possibilities are many.

Communicate with your bike and take control by connecting your app to your lights. Together with the lights’ sensors, the app sends alerts if See.Sense ICON detect any unusual movements – for example if you crash, an alert pops up giving you the option to send a notification for help. You can also use the app feature to control the brightness and flash rate of your See.Sense ICON bike lights, as well as have the power to switch them on and off wherever you are. Different features and Bluetooth updates are also available and you have the ability to activate multiple icons at once.

See.Sense Connected

Main Features

  • Smartphone integration
  • Download updates
  • Intelligent sensing
  • Crash and theft alerts
  • Rechargeable via USB cable
  • Daylight visibility
  • Water sealed

Watch the See.Sense ICON bike lights in action in the video below:


With all of these unique features, See.Sense ICON bike lights are available at ProBikeKit at great prices – explore our range of See.Sense products here!

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