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Bryton, as a company, has set out with the aim of distinguishing itself from its competition. A tall order when there are such established players in the sports-tech market. They boast a commitment to research and development, specifically with the focus on developing sports electronics. with view to improving usability and defining rich new features to keep users interested and motivated.

The Rider S800

The Rider S800 is the brand’s flagship model, though it sits at the upper end of the mid-range bike computer market. It offers a rich colour screen display and a battery life of 36 hours — without a map running this can be extended to over 40 hours. Overall, it’s an excellent device that easily fits the bill of an easy to live with bike computer.

The Rider S500

If you prefer a smaller computer, then Bryton have this covered too. The S500 is the device for those cyclists looking to track metrics, all the metrics. Whether you are a road race, gravel afficionado, Zwift pro, or a weekend warrior, this could well be the device for you. With this device you can get all the data you could want, at a competitive price.

Mounts and Sensors

As well as computers, Bryton also offer all the tech you could need to get going. Their smart heart rate monitor, which is ANT+ and Bluetooth enabled, is simple to use and gets the job done. With the addition of a cadence sensor, you can get an accurate measure of your revolutions per minute or “RPM”. Not only can this be interesting from a data perspective, it can have useful and practical applications too. Many riders, particularly those without a power meter, use cadence to modulate their efforts. Keeping your cadence at a higher level can help you limit fatigue, particularly on longer rides.

So, if you’re looking for a GPS-enabled bike computer, at a competitive price, something from Taiwanese-based Bryton could well be what you’re looking for.