Zwift Cycling Guide

So you are hearing everyone talking about the new Zwift virtual racing experience. Well if you don’t know what it is and need to know what all this hype is about then we are here to explain and help you get on the virtual racing and tailored cycling experience. There really is no excuse now!

What is Zwift?

Zwift is a virtual training/racing App that enables you to ride different courses over the world in ultra-real life graphics. It allows you to race and take part in group rides with people all over the world who are also logged on at the same time and choose to race. You can upload it to Strava, Analyse your data, tailor and build your training plans to suit you and join a whole new cycling community. This gives you a whole new take on your indoor training. Never before have you been able to race with cyclists like yourself whilst inside in the warm and dry on a trainer until.. Zwift.

Zwift mobile app

Zwift Mobile App (image source:

What do I need

If you just have a standard classic turbo with no fancy smart features then you can still use Zwift. All you need is a Tacx Speed/Cadence Sensor  and a dongle so the app can pick up the sensors, sign up, log on and you are away.

If you have a power meter alone with a standard classic turbo, again you too can still use Zwift. All you will need is the dongle to pick up the sensors and transmissions.

If you have a smart trainer and don’t know if your particular one works with Zwift, then take a look at this list below to explain. For all of the turbo’s you will need the dongle.

Note that if you are using a classic trainer Zwift will cap your watts at 400watts if you have so the chances of you winning races are slim as a sprint finish may require a few more watts than 400. But this doesn’t mean you can’t take part, feature in breaks and if you can sustain almost 400watts for any period of time then you may just break away and win the race anyway!


  • Tacx Bushido Smart ANT+ T2780 (needs ANT+ FE-C update) Bushido alone does not work.
  • Tacx Vortex Smart ANT+ T2180 (needs ANT+ FE-C update)
  • Tacx i-Genius Multiplayer Smart T2010
  • Tacx Genius Smart T2080
  • Tacx IRONMAN® Smart T2060
  • Tacx Flow Smart T2240
  • Tacx Smart Neo

Interactive Tacx Trainer

Zwift is compatible with all ANT+ power meters, including:

Whilst you going full speed ahead try a HRM if you haven’t already got one, make it a little more interesting so you can see your suffer scores, Max HR and analyse your data.


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