It’s time for the ‘new year, new me’ phase and we are all feeling motivated with the start to 2016.  Have you set yourself a number of goals and resolutions that you’re determined to stick to this year? Well, our guess is that you’ve probably already broken them…and it’s only been a week!

1. To clean your bike after you got it dirty

You swore to keep it clean! But already you have failed… ( its wasn’t that dirty anyway)! We’re willing to help you out with this one, don’t clean your bike in a lake, or leave it to rot away in the garage. Do it the right way – see our cleaning products here.

2. To go to the gym to improve your core strength

Your excuse is that it’s been a mad week at work and you just haven’t had the time, but you are definitely going to start next week! If you want core strength like Sir Chris Hoy but you’re struggling for ideas on core exercises, we have a blog post for you already sorted: 5 quick and easy exercises for core strength.

Sir Chris Hoy

3. To stop eating Chocolate and drinking beer to afford a new bike!

This was bound to be broken early on. With the binge cheat days over the festive season, you’ve just built up on alcohol and snacks to last you a lifetime, and during the first week of 2016 you were no doubt telling yourself: “I had to finish all the Christmas chocolate and left over bottles of wine from New Year…that’s why I’m going to start next week!”

Well, once you’ve made your way through all of your leftovers, you can take a look at our Bike Buying Guide as very soon, you’ll be able to afford a new bike once you’ve cut our chocolate and beer, right?

4. To stop spending all your money on bike/s and bike parts!

Mmmm… this could be a tricky one. “I’ll buy all I need now and then I may not need anything for the rest of the year..” (good luck with that one!) – we’re not even going to try to help you get back on the road to this resolution (pun intended). Head over to the ProBikeKit website for all cycling necessities – get everything you need and celebrate like Mark Cavendish when you hit checkout!

Mark Cavendish wins final stage at Tour de San Luis, 2015

5. To stop treating your car like a mobile garage

Ok so you cleaned your car over Christmas and it’s all clean and tidy, as good as new! …But then your mate invites you to a reliability ride or sportive and it all goes downhill from there because you didn’t get a bike rack for Christmas and have to shove your bikes in the back of the car.

SeaSucker Bomber Fork-Mount Rack

We are all guilty of making unrealistic resolutions, but the above five are actually achievable with the help of us here at PBK! We’re here to help you fix this dilemma with all of the relevant cycling gear to ensure that you stick to your resolutions and make 2016 a success!



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