The all important image of a Pro Tour Team is built up out of a series of aspects to create the ultimate marketing machine. It can be won and lost on the smallest of decisions, from the design of the kit, employing the right riders, or even as simple as choosing the team car.

Here at ProBikeKit we pride ourselves on attention to detail and as we put the finishing touches to our new team car, I thought we better have a look at the competition.

There are the usual host of European estate (station wagon) cars that seem to dominate most team’s choice, which is somewhat rather predictable and repetitive. We have all seen the dreary fleet of cars before and apart from a fancy paint job, they could pass us by without us even noticing them.

But there are a couple that do stand out.

Team Sky is certainly leading the way with Jaguar supplying their vehicles. Not only have they got a brilliant brand in Jaguar, but the paint jobs are looking understated and rather classy.


Now they are obviously going to be using estate car’s at some point for obvious reasons, but at least it’s a break from the norm, with looks and the badge from Jaguar.


Team Radioshack could pull something rather cool out of the bag with Nissan as their sponsor, but with no official pictures as of yet we cannot be certain. With a whole host of vehicles to choose from in Nissan’s extensive range, it will be interesting to see what they do decide on. BikeRumour have made a mock-up of what they could look like…


I’m hoping they’ll go for something a bit different, something that will stand out from the crowd and Nissan may just have something in their line up!


So with Jaguar leading the way and the possible wild card from the quirky Nissan, I’ve had to pull out all the stops on our new design. So much to take into account and so much at risk, so with brand image at the forefront of my mind I think I might have come up with a winner!!


We have no word from our suppliers about fitting a roof rack and I’ve not had the go ahead just yet to purchase the Bugatti; but I’ve got my fingers crossed.



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