If you’ve ever ordered a bike online and had to spend an evening assembling it before you ride, it can be a bit of an inconvenience – especially for beginners. Here at ProBikeKit we are always striving to go that extra mile to deliver the best service possible, and this is why we offer the ProBikeKit ‘ProBikeBuild’ service, meaning you get your complete bike built and delivered to your door. Expertly assembled by our team of professional mechanics, the ProBikeBuild service takes the time and trouble away from you, giving you more time to ride and enjoy your new bike. Read on to find out more details about how our ProBikeBuild service works.

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About the ProBikeBuild service


When you order any of our complete bikes, we will have our professional team of mechanics assemble it for you in our bike workshop before it is sent out to you, this way you don’t have to worry about any issues surrounding safety, security and stability of your build.

We believe you should have a professional service from us, as that’s what we stand for here at ProBikeKit, have a look below for more information of what our ProBikeBuild service includes.




What we do


Our assembly and care process is intricate and detailed, and we take care to focus on every element of the bike, including a full inspection, component installation, truing wheels, brake adjustment, chain lubrication and more. For more information, here is a full list of the steps we take to ensure your bike is set up optimally for you:

  • We install your handlebars, seatpost, brakes and wheels.
  • We’ll check that your stem is straight and in-line.
  • Examine your bottom bracket bearings and chainset.
  • A full wheel true and tension service is included.
  • We’ll examine your gear outers.
  • Inspect your gear mechs.
  • Set your gear stops.
  • Inspect your levers and pads.
  • We’ll adjust your brakes, inspect your headset.
  • Finally, we’ll remove the front wheel and safely secure and re-package your bike for delivery

So as you can see, the service we offer is a complete set up and inspection, designed to give you peace of mind when your bike arrives at your door.

Not all bikes are created equal – Brake orientation for European and US riders

As we’re an international company, we have customers from all over the world, and in different countries, not all bikes are created equal. We do recognise that different countries have different regulations, and here at ProBikeKit, we will tailor your bike to the rules of the road in your country.






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