Casco has been manufacturing helmets with flair since 1989 and were one of the first companies to bring out an aero helmet. We can be confident that Casco know exactly what they are taking about when it comes to aerodynamics, safety, comfort and appearance as Casco proudly hold many awards for their superior quality and safety standards. They have made themselves a massive name on the track and are fast growing into the road racing and time trial market with their versatile range.

A clever concept of the Casco helmets are their visors, which can be installed and removed with ease making the range highly versatile.

The Casco helmet is more than just an aerodynamic weapon. The lenses are high quality Zeiss-certified photochromic lens’ that reacts to light to eliminate glare in any situation, improving clarity of vision and offering maximum protection for your eyes and face.

The ability to flip the visor at any point whilst riding gives this a distinct advantage over similar aero road helmets on long climbs which would otherwise cause your vision to steam up.  Simply flip the visor back down to take full advantage of the aerodynamic advantage on the descent.


Another point for the Casco helmet is it’s aesthetics – it looks mean and fast with the visor adorned, and fits in nicely with the peloton when the visor has been removed

Because the visor offers clear clarity of vision and full UV protection  you can get away without using regular sunglasses and avoid having the obstruction of a frame on a regular sunglass getting in the way and obstructing your vision . Again, thinking of the aerodynamic benefits, the visor is fully integrated into the helmet to provide seamless lines and eliminate turbulence.

The Casco cycling helmets support many unique features which make the helmet stand out above others.

Well known for their dominance of aerodynamic expertise, Casco have incorporated special aerodynamic contours at the back of the helmet, maximizing the aerodynamic ability at the rear of the helmet where you wouldn’t necessarily think of finding aerodynamic features, thus making the airflow over your back more efficient.

Multi- layer construction of the Casco helmet provides added safety and a neat compact profile, minimizing the size of the overall helmet to provide speed with safety.

Although performance and safety seem to be the main focus of Casco’s helmets, this has not been at any expense of comfort. The disk-fit Vario Fitting system has a horizontal and vertical adjustment mechanism which provides a large surface area on the back of the head that closes in 1mm increments to give the best possible fit whilst eliminating pressure points.

Casco loc- quick release fastener – this is a superior fastening system that allows you to open the helmet with one hand.














One of the most useful features of the helmet is the Flip-up speed mask – optical class 1 rating meaning that they are the lens is of the highest quality, eliminating glare and enhancing contrast. The visor offers compete protection whilst offering crystal clear sharpness and detail. This also flips up when you do not wish to use the visor and flips back down when needed for ease of use repetition. This is easier that trying to take sunglasses on and off repetition. The added bonus is that they are far away from your face enough for you to use prescription glasses if you need to.

One of the unique things about some of the helmets in the Casco range such as the Airo and the Speedster plus is that the stripes across the top of the helmet named  ‘MY Style’ can be changed for a different colour to suit your kit as it changes.

The handy bug catcher is also very useful when flying down a decent and you come across some suicidal bugs.

Some handy things to know is that you can buy new visors as spares or replacements if you need them. As well as the colourful MYStyle stripes which are available too.


casco mystyle


The Casco cycling helmets offer the winning edge in aerodynamics, it is hard to say exactly how many seconds or % gains you will get from having and using one as all riders have a slightly different positions on the bike concluding in variable results. The way the air flows over the helmet means that you benefit from the best possible aerodynamics no matter what your head position, unlike many other aerohelmets where you need to keep you head up in order to benefit from the aerodynamics. You can also be sure that in comparison to a standard road helmet you could be looking to see anywhere between 20-30seconds in 1 hour traveling at over 20mph riding knocked of your time with a Casco Aero Road Helmet.


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