Dressing top athletes around the world, including Team Sky from 2009-2012, Adidas has launched a cycling range available to everyone. Whether you are training for your next race or planning a leisurely ride in the country, this line will be suitable to those who love cycling and want their clothing to reflect that.

Looking at the Adidas range my first thought is that it looks like all other Adidas clothing, in fact if it wasn’t for the pockets on the jerseys or the padded shorts these items wouldn’t look out of place on the track or at the gym.

Many of the items boast the Adidas three stripes and the similar colour patterns which means it will be relatively easy to mix and match items. The sizing is very generous, unlike other European brands where you generally need to order a size up, in fact the Adidas range may allow you to down size from what you are used too.

Adidas Response Tour Cycling Bib Shorts and Bib Tights are supplied with multi density foam padding that Adidas states “guaranteed for all MTB/Road distances.” The pad is built well but if I was honest I would use these shorts for training and leisure rides where you aren’t going to be spending all day in the saddle.

If you’re looking for a racing short, or require the protection for long rides then the Adidas Supernova Cycling Bib Shorts and Bib Tights are the better option. The chamois covers a wider area and offers full support where a rider generally experiences saddle pressure. The overall cut of the shorts is more ergonomic than the Response Tour version and made for the more serious cyclist.

The men’s Adidas Response Tour long sleeved jerseys will suit any rider who needs a good training top. It is not a race cut so expect that it won’t fit snug to your body but it is good for those early spring or fall days and would not look out of place if you also wanted to use it mountain biking rather than on the road.

For someone who wants a race fit then the Adidas Supernova SS FZ Cycling Jersey will provide the benefits of a breathable, lightweight jersey that has been designed to keep you cool when working hard to reach your goal.

The women’s line seems a bit basic for my taste although the cut is brilliant on the jerseys. The shorts will match the range of long sleeve and short sleeve jerseys, as well as the Response Tour Rain Jacket. Supplied with the female version of the Team Pad, they are a light weight comfortable short for medium distances but if you are planning a hundred miler you may want to rethink what you wear on your backside.

Overall the Adidas range is good value for money, although you are paying a bit to wear the name. The warmers are great as an addition to your wardrobe for days when the temperature is less then desirable for bare skin and the outerwear performs well when you are working to your full ability. As stated above the sizing is quite generous, which is refreshing for a cycling brand, and the styling is classic Adidas sportswear.

The nice thing about the Adidas kit is the appeal to a majority of cyclists. When many brands can be a bit out of reach to those who aren’t prepared to join the racing elite, Adidas offers the products no one will feel out of place wearing. The fabric and design is perfect for riding and won’t look out of place during a crit race either. I would recommend Adidas for those that want something a bit different but still demand their clothes to work for them, rather than against.







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