This is the first of our hopefully many product reviews. The aim is not to simply copy the manufacturer press release but instead to use the product. Ride with it, wear it for a day or take it apart (and hope it goes back together). Hopefully this will help you guys – the ones who matter, to buy something you need and know will work as intended.

I have a current list of 3 at the minute, I have a nice set of white limited edition Continental gp4000’s waiting to go on my deep wheels. I’ll ride them for a week or so, (this does mean I’ll have to go out in the rain for you guys!) test them in the dry,wet, cold and fingers crossed hot. After that I’ll let you know my thoughts.

Gp4000 white

bling gone too far?

Next up is a new bottle which arrived earlier this week, as well as working as a normal bottle it also has a removable bottom so that you can clean either end thoroughly. I think this is brilliant – the state of some of my bottles shows that I could really have done with this at the start of the season.

We'll let you know how these go

We'll let you know how these go

Finally I have more Clif shot bloks around here than I can eat. Office trials started well, nice taste and easy to chew on the bike (I’m imagining) until the sugar low kicked in at 14:00…yummy though! Clif are sponsoring Team Garmin Slipstream this season and with Bradley Wiggins doing so well along with Millar and Dan Martin I thought I’d give these a whirl on my next few rides.


Orange Shot Bloks

Pics arrived!

Until then enjoy any time you get riding and feel free to tell us your stories!

Chris J



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