Tools, you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. Over the years you will have probably amassed a nice collection. Some you use day in, day out to maintain your bike. Others you use once in a blue moon. Whatever the situation it’s sod’s law that the tool you need for a job will often go missing when you need it most. Even the most organised mechanics misplace workshop items from time to time. Then there’s the problem of transporting tools. Tool boxes tend to be quite bulky, clunky pieces of luggage often inappropriate to carry while riding or travelling. We’d all love to carry a whole work shop (possibly even our own mechanic) in our pannier while touring, but the reality is its not always possible. Then there’s the problem of inferior quality tools. You spend all that money on expensive components for your bike but then the tools don’t match up to the same workmanship. Lezyne is one producer of tools that will match the quality of your parts.

Former Triathelete, and founder of Lezyne, Micki Kozuschek shared these concerns. The German (who also founded Truvativ components) was frustrated by the cycle tool market being dominated by mediocre, plastic products and accessories that didn’t work properly. Micki sought to produce premium quality accessories that met the same high standards as the high end bicycle components they were to be used on. Lezyne’s mission is to create the most advanced and beautiful cycling products available and they certainly achieve this on a regular basis. Lezyne is a relatively new company having only been established in 2007, however the quality and craftsmanship of their tools have forged a reputation of high quality and beautifully produced equipment. Lezyne make some beautifully designed tools and the HTC Highroad Limited Edition Port-A-Shop Tool Kit is no exception.


This particular tool set has been made in memory of HTC-Highroad rider Carla Swart. The former HTC-Highroad rider passed away at the start of this year after being struck by a lorry while on a training ride in South Africa. Lezyne are official sponsors of the mens and womens HTC-Highroad pro cycling teams and have pledge that for every set sold a donation will be made to support Carla’s Circle. Carla’s Circle is a charity set up to support Carla’s family and help fund issues which were once very close to Carla’s heart.


Lezyne describe this tool set as a mobile tool shop and that’s pretty much what it is. Inside the carry case is housed a variety of tools for every type of maintenance and repair situation your bike throws at you. There’s even a bottle opener to crack open a beer after a hard days riding. The carry case is padded and has a reinforced handle that is made to last. The case measures 16x23x7cm (about the length and width of a piece of A5 paper) which is an ideal size to fit in a rucksack or travel bag although functional enough to be used in a workshop. The tool kit weighs in at 1.082 kg (PBK Office scales) when full of tools which makes this set a realistic portable weight. Each tool is accommodated in its own foam neoprene pouch labelled with a diagram of its content. The stretch of the neoprene makes the tools easily accessible and Velcro ensures your tools stay in their designated area keeping them safe and secure. This is part of Lezyne’s ‘Organise Yourself’ principle which will ensure all your tool stay well organised and are to hand at the blink of an eye.

Set includes:

  • Alloy Drive S Bicycle Pump
  • Custom Tyre Lever Kit
  • SV5 Function Multi Tool
  • Smart Puncture Repair Kit
  • Classic Puncture Repair Kit
  • Integrated Tyre Repair Kit
  • Sabre Tyre Levers and Pedal Wrench
  • Chain Tool
  • 9 Function Torx Multi Tool
  • Metric Allen Key Set


Each tool comes in limited edition gold and has ‘HTC-Highroad’ laser engraved on the side. None of the individual items are sold separately in this special design and only 2000 sets are available world wide. The mutli tools are constructed from forged aluminium with forged and machined tool steel tips which help with durability and longevity of the tools.

The Integrated Tyre Repair Kit is an all in one puncture repair kit which includes a tyre lever combo. Self contained in an aluminium case with press fit end caps, this compact kit is refillable and the right size to be stowed away in a jersey pocket.

The Pressure Drive S Pump is of compact design which uses CNC Precision 100% CNC-Machined aluminium parts for precise construction. A detachable flexible hose is Presta/Schrader compatible and securely attaches without damaging your valve. This ensures faster inflation times equating to 30% fewer strokes compared to conventional hand pumps.



This is a great package ideal for the travelling cyclist and also contributes to a worthy cause. These are expected to go very quickly and with only a limited number available make sure you get yours while you can. Also check out the rest of the Lezyne range at PBK.



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