Shimano 5700 5750 105 Groupset Review

Just arrived at ProBikeKit Towers is the new Shimano 105 groupset in compact form. Now that it’s actually here, we’ve had a delve around to see how it actually looks and where exactly it weighs in.

Having seen and used the 7900 Dura-Ace and 6700 Ultegra, it appears that this has taken on many of the features of the pricier models and claims to offer ‘PRO-LEVEL’ technology for all.

This 5700/5750 features the newly re-designed hood top, sculpted crank arms and updated designs on the rear mech and brake calipers.


The chainset arms take on the sculpted look of the 7900/6700 and are HollowTech which keeps flex to a minimum and reduces weight.

It doesn’t have the hollow chain-rings like the 7900/6700 but the chain-rings have been developed to work exclusively with the cn-5701 chain for improved efficiency and power transfer.

Shimano blurb: ‘Slim body line & smooth rotation. Optimum balance of light weight & stiffness. Front index has superior shifting performance.’


  • HollowTech II allows the bottom bracket bearings to be spaced wider apart (outboard from the frame), enabling the use of larger bearings and an increased axle diameter.
  • The system allows for easier installation, adjustment, and maintenance.
  • Lightweight anodised SG-X aluminium chainrings for smooth and precise shifting.
  • Weighs in at an actual 721g which is very competitive when many have said it is going straight in as a rival to SRAM’s Rival!

STI Shifters

Again, the design is clearly influenced by the Dura-Ace and Ultegra versions. The more pronounced lever top and shifter blade are immediately apparent.

One of the big developments is the internal cable routing a la Campagnolo. This gives a much cleaner cockpit area with both shifter and brake cables routing backwards through the shifter body and along the handlebar.

Shimano blurb: “Ergonomic bracket shape, clean cable routing, better operation. Lighter steering action and clean handlebar area.”


  • Shift cables are routed under the bar tape: re-development and positioning of the internal mechanism provides a faster, lighter and smoother shift
  • Ergonomic shift arc follows natural hand movement with inward shift stroke distance reduced for rapid and precise gear changes
  • Brake lever pivots have been positioned to increase power and improve ergonomics when riding on the hoods
  • Tuneable reach adjusters enable custom fitment for all hands
  • Comes complete with silicon greased cables to further reduce shift friction and increase service life.
  • Weight is 248g, doubled up to 500g gives you a light ‘ish’-weight pair of shifters

Rear Derailleur

Subtle tweaks for the rear mech, large jockey wheels increase efficiency and it is said to shift well with the new shifters. It’s claimed weight is 232g, ours was just 223g – always a bonus!

With Shimano aiming this as a groupset that’s inexpensive yet with great performance, I think that they may be conservative with all their claims, especially to come out best in the comparisons with SRAM which many are drawing.


  • Advanced Wide Link design increases rigidity and shifting performance
  • Super stiff for fast and accurate changes across the cassette
  • Large 11 tooth pulleys increase service life and reduce noise
  • Super light shift action
  • Compatible with 8, 9, and 10-speed drivetrains
  • Maximum front difference 22T, total capacity 39T
  • Average weight 232 grams

The technology is 2010/2011 and the new design features appeal to me and work well. Most riders have a manufacturer of preference for their groupset and this is unlikely to sway guys away from their current brand. However, for those who are fans of Shimano’s shifting and their wide availability of spares, this is likely to go down very well.



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