By the number of emails I’ve had through this new Ultegra is being eargerly awaited by the masses. It’s currently in our warehouse and out of the masses of boxes I managed to find the chainset to have a look at.

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Borrowing heavily and obviously from the 7900 Dura-Ace it is a gorgeous looking chainset. The hollow arms and outer chainring ‘ting’ with a nice, well made noise. The finish is mainly matt silver with polished highlights along the arms and looks like it’ll stand up to rub for many many miles. This colour will please most as it’s similar to the previous Shimano and not as dark as the 7900 is.

As with all hollow-techII chainsets it’s easy to fit and keep an eye on, the chainrings have pins and machined profile all over the place for great shifting.

With the rest of the parts being in a puzzle of boxes I can’t get to the other components without causing the warehouse staff grief (we need to stay in their good books!) The pics are from the office so not the usual standard (There is a blog camera on the way), but they show the finish and outer ring design nicely.

Bike Radar got their hands on a bike with it fitted, read the review here. They gave it 4/5 and seemed very impressed. The rest of the pictures released look good.


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