Michelin Bike Tyres Review

Michelin bike tyres

Michelin is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world, and a leading tyre brand in the road and off road cycling industry. We have compiled a few recommendations of Michelin bike tyres that will suit cyclists looking for performance race tyres, durable endurance tyres or entry level tyres.

Racing Michelin Bike Tyres

If you’re looking for a Michelin bike tyre for racing, the Michelin Pro4 Service Course V2 is the one to go for.

With its low rolling resistance and superb grip these are perfect for races where the courses are tight and require high grip in the corners. Thanks to its two different types of rubber compounds in one tread it provides more rigidity in the centre of the tyre whilst offering amazing grip on the side of the tyre to give you the confidence you are looking for when pushing the limits.  Thanks to a High Density-Protection ply on top of the casing, you can be confident that you have a full puncture protection. It is Michelin’s best selling performance tyre and you can see why, coming in at a competitive 200g for a 25mm tyre combine this with a light weight inner tube and you have yourself a winning combination.

Endurance Michelin Bike Tyres

If you are looking for a tyre to see you through many miles and trust that it wont let you down then have a look at the  Michelin Pro4 Endurance – the best tyre in the range for endurance use.

With strong anti-puncture protection, this tyre can withstand pretty much any conditions, from cobbles to dodging (and sometimes failing to dodge) potholes on the road. It also has excellent grip, particularly around corners, and is a known favourite for cyclists to use throughout winter and the poor conditions that it throws upon us.

Being endurance-specific, the Pro4 Endurance tyre comes with a little more weight than a racing Michelin bike tyre, but is still fairly light -225g and 245g for the 23mm and 25mm tyres respectively.

Entry Level Michelin Bike Tyres

The Michelin Lithion 2 is undoubtedly great value for money; looks great and performs great. Designed so that the smooth centre allows for low-rolling resistance and Chevron side tread to improve cornering grip. This comfortable yet durable tyre is without doubt amazing value for money and with the extra puncture resistance technology you can feel confident you are not going to be spending every 5 minutes on the side of the road fixing punctures.

This tyre is also relatively light, although heavier than a race tyre so that it can fulfil the needs of those cyclists looking for some endurance and longevity (220g for the 23mm tyre, and 235g for the 25mm tyre).

Coupling both design and performance of the Michelin Lithon 2, it resembles a racing tyre whilst offering durability, yet remains at a very affordable price – what great value for money!


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