With Christmas very much in the air we’ve been wondering what we’d spend our Christmas money on and with our Christmas promotions running there hasn’t been a better time to have a look around.

A quick office discussion came up with these 3 items:

T Shirts:

Who doesn’t like a T shirt? A t-shirt which can be worn off the bike and display proudly your love of cycling and all involved.

With ranges from ourselves (previous competition winners included) along with Morvelo, American Apparel (the Garmin Team shirts) and Cinelli there is plenty of choice.

Click here for the T Shirt range.

KNOG multi-tool:

Every rider who wants to avoid the shame of calling their mum or partner will take some tools and spares with them. Normally always a tube and levers plus a multi-tool. Weighing not a lot and being incredibly well designed the KNOG tools are just the ticket. Cool colours, all the tools you could need (bottle opener included) and the peace of mind that whatever happens you’ll be able to try and fix it!

Click here to view the KNOG tools.


Last up and I think the item which most of us dream of buying  is the Campagnolo corkscrew. Not cheap by a long way but the quality of the tool itself and the packaging don’t disappoint.

Every cyclist should know the health benefits of a glass of red (I am doing my bit to test this thoroughly) and this corkscrew will make cyclists and non-cyclists envious to the extreme.

Click here to view the corkscrew on PBK.

Failing that a good cycling book will keep your bedtime reading topical and interesting. You have the classic Lance Armstrong books, humorous books from Bike Snob and books to keep for years detailing the history of Campagnolo for instance.

If you have any other/better suggestions please let us know below and share the wisdom!

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