The heat is on. All over the globe there are professionals hitting the races that their teams have had scheduled for them with all the venom that they can muster.

It’s the build up to the Worlds and in doing so national team managers and selective committies will be following their national riders form very closely. Scrutinising the riders and whittling down the guys with the form from the guys who haven’t.

From the crazy city of Melbourne to the Flat beaches of Geelong

This year it’s a first, Australia have never held the world championships. Five days of the best riders from the under 23 category, women’s and elite men’s all tearing up the streets of Geelong and Melbourne. What a back drop this is going to be.

This area is well known (in the southern hemisphere) as a great cycling area, with loads of group rides everyday. I’ve been sat at my desk on a damp cold grey day (and that’s just summer) browsing the internet reading about the various club runs up and down the coast roads wishing I was there.

Anyway back to what the blog was all about. The World Road Race Championships.

Only the Tour de France eclipses the worlds in prestige, but only just. You win this event and you’ve got a whole year of wearing the world champs rainbow stripes.

It’s the only race every year that the teams ride under their national colours and due to this; it’s a ferocious battle even before the start line. Every guy and girl wants to be on that team and who wouldn’t this year? It’s in Australia for Pete’s sake, sun, sea, sand and cycling.

Cadel Evans is current World Road Race Champ, can the Aussies keep hold of the rainbow stripes for a second year? If he can keep himself awake and stop yawning (right image) he might just have a chance.

Just think what the after race parties are going to be like. Don’t believe the hype that pro’s don’t party either; I’ve seen first hand that they do. There’s definitely going to be some “Tinnies” grabbed out of the “Eskies” and downed “Mate”!

We all know Australia knows how to host a party, sorry sporting event. You guys did a sterling job with the 2000 Olympics, 2006 Commonwealth Games, 2007 World Swimming Championships (even though its not a proper sport, needs wheels for that) and F1 grand Prix. We have faith in you Australia, just look at the Tour Down Under. The pros now have a race that’s not flat and red hot (tour of Qatar) or freezing and dangerous (all of Europe) but hot, hilly and exciting to watch to start the season with.

What is this all building up to? Selection! It’s survival of the fittest, it’s a long season and it’s a long race at 262.7km, so the managers will be looking for the riders who still have the fire power in their legs from the season and the guys who can get through the 262.7km to the finish and still have a chance at taking the title.

Paolo Bettini, Italian Team coach. Not actually a space man as the jacket would imply. Nor appearing as a Mini-Me double in the new Austin Powers film.

Some national teams have already released their rider rosters. Others are still to take shape. So we are asking you who do you thinks up for the job. Who is Paolo Bettini going to be handing the tickets to, are the US team going to rally around Tyler Farrar? Is Farrar going to come up against the 2 time world champ Oscar Freire with his Spanish squad? Were the Australian selectors correct in excluding McEwan? Is Cavandish going to have a hard time with just 2 guys to look out for him? We want to know your views, who do you hope is going to be there and who do you think should be there.

Mr Class himself, Oscar Freire. The man has had his boils on his man bits sorted and a nose job to help him breath after the tour. So my monies on the man who shares a name with a Sesame Street character.

Let us know.

On top of all this, little old me will be attending the worlds. I’m still working on getting that VIP start village pass as well!

Yes Australia, I will be heading Down Under, not just for the worlds where I’ll be posting a few blogs from, but I’m coming to get a kicking from you guys on the club runs and races through out the 2010/11 winter or is that summer?

So come on lets have some tips guys, I’m going to need to know where to head for these club runs and races. I’ve got several months of racing and training and work probably coming up in Oz. Travelling with my bike is what I like to think I do best. So along with your World team predictions I want advice on where to head, where to ride, what coffee shop to stop at and how much sun tan lotion I’ll be needing. I’m a pasty so and so! Oh and if anybody has a dog house, shed, bunker, tepee any other place I can rest my head let me know. I lived in a container unit once….Honest!



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