Kinesis Bike Review: A ride for everyone

Kinesis Bike

The British bike brand Kinesis have been designing and manufacturing simple and solid road, mountain bike and cyclo -cross bikes since 1999. Some may say that a Kinesis bike has a plain design, but why change it if it works? They may be simple but they are noticeable, smart and eye-catching in a bunch. Over the years the colours have developed and now there is quite a range to choose from: from plain white with a little dash of colour!) to bright orange.

Kinesis, over the years, have really grown and developed as a brand, with many of their bikes now seen regularly in the club runs. Kinesis was still known for selling frames so you could ‘build your own bike’ around it, but as time has gone on, complete bikes are now on the market for sale; which gives a great flexibility for those who do not want to build their own. Don’t get me wrong, Kinesis still sell frames for those who want to build bikes with a personal touch and added extras.

Cyclist carrying a Kinesis bike

Reliable Engineering

I guess you could say that Kinesis are renowned to be very reliable and sturdy, without carrying those extra pounds around, which makes them ideal for winter bikes. Kinesis frames all come with enough clearance for 28mm tyres, long reach callipers, and mudguard and pannier eyelets for easy fixings.

An impressive 14 years of engineering and building solid bikes has resulted in Kinesis releasing the 4s (in Black or Silver), a recently new addition to the range which now offers a bike to ride all year round. Its lightweight frame tackles climbs head on and corners confidently makes it a competitive summer bike/race bike also. Kinesis as a brand has worked to achieve many awards making it very hard to find a downside to these bikes.

If you are looking to build your new bike, the Aithein frame (in Black  or Orange) at 1200g makes it a strong candidate in the decision making process! Unlike some other brands, the 4S and T2 (in White, Blue or Black) also come in a 48cm size to suit female and junior riders. These are comfortable yet ‘racey’ bikes, making them great sportive bikes, and if at first you didn’t take Kinesis as a serious brand, then you’ll soon see they are. Kinesis are continually moving with the trends and producing competitive well-built frames that stand the test of time, including the all new titanium framesets with a brand new concept. This bike will not limit you to the road or the trail, this was made with both in mind, it really is a great work of engineering from Kinesis.

Two cyclists riding a Kinesis bike

The Feel of a Kinesis Bike

This certainly could be described as a ride for anyone, the geometry is quite different as it has a longer top tube than you would expect, but this means that they are comfortable training and sportive frames, and also competitive road race and cyclo-cross frames.

The Journey

I have owned and ridden my Racelight T2 for over 3 years now in all conditions and in many circumstances, and I love this bike. It taught me to ride a bike and looked after me well, it’s easy to handle and copes with all sorts of road surfaces thrown at it. It is still my favourite bike to climb as it’s stable, balanced and responsive. If you look after it well and maintain it regularly it will keep going day after day, mine is still as good as when I bought it. The day will be a sad one when this bike has to be traded in for a new model, but at the rate it’s going this will be still on the road in 10 years to come – not that I am complaining!

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