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Vittoria tyres are one of many of the brand’s revolutionary products, and to take things further, Vittoria have released a new tyre range that we at PBK have got our hands on – the Intelligent Tyre System (IT’S)! Built with Graphene inside the tyres, the new Vittoria Graphene tyres are just about the best tyres around for road bikes and you can purchase them from ProBikeKit today!


Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a quick look at Vittoria and the history behind the brand. With the mission to improve performance for cyclists, Vittoria have been producing what they call the “best and fastest” bike tyres in the world, for 60 years.

From building on their brand since 1953, Vittoria have progressed to stand as today’s world leading manufacturer of bike tyres – so it’s no surprise that our reaction to having their superb 2016 range matched that of the picture above!

A little bit about Graphene:

As mentioned above, the use of Graphene in producing these bike tyres makes them the best in the business – so here’s a little information about why Graphene is so special.

Graphene is the world’s thinnest material (between 2 – 8 atoms thin). In comparison, the first ever 2D crystal’s elasticity equals to 6 times that of Steel as well as being approximately 200-300 times stronger! Vittoria use Directa Plus Graphene (G+) in their bike tyres – watch the video below where Dr Giulio Cesareo, CEO of Directa Plus, talks about the brand new Vittorria Graphene tyres; fastest tyres in the world:

Casing Technology:

The introduction of Graphene in the new Vittoria tyre range is not the only feature that puts them at the top in the cycling world. The casing technology that is used in manufacturing is a further impressive factor to mention.

N.B.: the grade of fabric used in bike tyre casing is expressed as threads-per-inch (TPI) – the higher the TPI number, the finer the threads. Simple.

  • Cotton Corespun Casing:

This fine-cotton casing provides a smoother, easier rolling ride with much better grip than on current tyres. Vittoria makes these casings with 320 TPI Corespun yarn which is the finest thread available, meaning that the tyre is as supple as it can get.

  • Nylon Casing:

Nylon is an artificial and very light fibre, however not as supple as Corespun. The tyres with Nylon casing at Vittoria match the intended characteristics of comfort, speed and good handling whilst cycling.

 Vittoria Graphene Tyres:

The design of the Vittoria 2016 tyre range is unique in the cycling world. Speed, grip, durability and puncture resistance are all features in which the new graphene tyres allow to reach their maximum potential – another factor that makes the new range distinct from the current.

  • Vittoria Corsa:

The new Corsa tyre range is an improved version of the current tyres, with 19% less rolling resistance as well as much better grip and durability too.

We recommend taking a look at the new Vittoria Corsa Speed G+ Isotch – Clincher. This tyre is suitable for speed events, using 320TPI Corespun K Casing for increased sidewall protection and four compounds for the best speed, grip, durability and puncture protection.

Lab tests have shown a 32 second speed advantage over the nearest competitor after 50 kilometers using Corsa tyres – impressive!

  • Vittoria Rubino:

From the Rubino range, cast your eyes on the Rubino Pro G+ Isotech Clincher road tyre. This is the best ‘all-round’ tyre that is suitable for all road conditions. This particular tyre has 150 TPI Nylon Casing, so is very light – The best tyre for speed, grip and suppleness.

Also available on PBK is the Rubino Wired road tyre – rigid and constructed to deliver a long service life and counter-measures to avoid the inconvenience of punctures.

To explore our full range of Vittoria tyres, click here!

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