Castelli Clothing: Autumn Winter 2015

Maurizio Castelli, founder of the brand as we know it, once claimed that he ‘would never have been able to revolutionise cycling clothing if I hadn’t raced. It’s the only way to gain a true understanding of what’s involved’ – proving that Castelli clothing is made for cyclists, by cyclists. With a few firsts in cycling clothing – first lycra shorts, lightest jersey ever made, first modern bib short and so many more – Castelli have always been at the forefront of cutting-edge developments. With this piece, focussing on the world-renowned brand, we’ll show you some of the must-haves from the Castelli Clothing Autumn/Winter 2015 range – we hope you enjoy reading!

Autumn Winter 2015:

Tempesta Race Jacket

The cycling rain jacket has long been an item in need of an overhaul. Many have been too bulky, with poor aerodynamics. The Tempesta Race Jacket seeks to reinvent the cycling jacket – lightweight eVent fabric keeps it compact and easy to pack away, and also ensures it is more aerodynamic. There’s so much thought gone into this jacket – from the drawstring wrists to stop them riding up, and the taped seams for waterproof construction. Every detail has been thought of in-depth, creating a race jacket which will no doubt soon be imitated (but not perfected)!

Pave Jacket

Another lightweight performance jacket for you – the Pave jacket. At 189g, it is even lighter than the Tempesta, using eVent ultralight microfiber fabric for minimalist construction, so it doesn’t sit heavily on you as you ride. Waterproof, compact and reflective, this jacket will protect you from winter conditions, ensuring that extreme conditions don’t prevent you from riding. Cut close to the body, and with a long tail to stop the jacket riding up too much, the Pave Jacket is another winner from Castelli’s clothing range.

Gabba 2 and Nanoflex Pro Bibtight

Even if you only have a passing interest in cycling, you will have heard of the Gabba. A byword for quality and performance, Castelli’s Gabba is often imitated, but never replicated – and pro cyclists always find themselves returning to the original. With the Gabba 2 jacket, the original jersey has been further developed to protect you from the cold and wet conditions prevalent in winter; Gore Windstopper fabric ensures sweat is expelled easily, and the jacket remains easily breathable. Even better, a water-repellant finish and drain mesh in the pockets, though not waterproof, will help see off rain from your jacket, whilst the Windstopper X-Lite Plus fabric ensures protection from the wind. To top it all of, the tailoring of the Gabba 2 ensures the jacket remains aerodynamic, fully breathable and protected – particularly due to the Nano Flex fabric insert under arms, and the silicone gripper on the waistband to limit ride-up. So if you’re looking for the best in performance and comfort, the Gabba 2 simply cannot be beaten.

If you’re looking for the perfect accompaniment to the Gabba 2, look no further than the Nanoflex Pro Bibtight. With added warmth, extra rain protection and a waterproof, reflective band on the inner leg to protect against wheel spray, this bibtight is designed to aid your wet-weather performance. Throw a Progetto X2 Air seat pad into the mix, to ensure comfort for your bottom on those longer rides, and this bibtight is surely an essential for the coming season!

Alpha Jacket/Jersey

The Alpha Jacket is an innovative piece of kit – combining the 7x(Air) fabric, an incredibly windproof fabric, with the performance of a winter cycling jacket. The double layer of the jacket allows airflow to dry the thermal layer, meaning you can push yourself to your limit without having to worry about the build up of sweat slowing you down. We could go on all day about the game-changing features of this jacket – from the articulated collar, to the wicking fabric, the ergonomic fit of the jacket, the non-bunching zipper, and 3 rear pockets. The Alpha Jacket is ideal for the cold and wintry weather – keeping you warm when needed, and cooling you down when overheating. 

Similarly, the Alpha Jersey has similar characteristics – it has a good fit, and allows you to go full throttle when training, without having to worry about the conditions and your own body temperature, thanks again to the Windstopper inside. This really is a true performance piece from Castelli – a very low bulk item, lighter than the Alpha Jacket, designed to keep you protected and keep the ride smooth!


The Meccanico range aims to make your pre-race ritual as comfortable as possible, keeping you warm as you prepare for the ride. Rain comes as part-and-parcel of a British winter (and summer, mind you), and being ready for the inevitable downpour is key to a successful race. The Meccanico Rain Shell is one such item, aimed at the mechanics in the pits or the ‘cross racer getting ready to race – but in reality, this heavy-duty shell is aimed at all who want to keep dry. With a reversible construction – one side red, the other black – you can decide how visible you want to be, whilst keeping dry with the oversized hood and 3-layer waterproof fabric. A real Winter winner!

For those more optimistic about the weather, embracing the warmer Autumn days – and even those early Spring days – we have the Track Jacket, designed to keep you warm, but without the intensity of the Rain Shell. This pre-race piece has a vintage style, with knit cuffs and a ribbed hem – not only this, but a fleece-lined windproof fabric keeps those harsh winds from affecting you.

One of the best pieces from this range is the Meccanico Sweater, a 50s inspired piece, echoing the outfits worn by top pros riding ‘cross in winter. With water-resistant shoulder panels, handwarmer pockets and a blend of wool and synthetic yarns, this is definitely a modern update – based around performance as much as it is warmth.

High Visibility

The ever-popular Mortirolo is back, now with a Reflex version, placing huge reflective panels over the shoulders, and on the lower back to provide safety and comfort on the road, no matter what time of day (or night) you want to ride. Don’t let those dark winter evenings stop you from riding; with this jacket, you can be kept warm, in the knowledge you’re visible to all motorists. 

With the Tempesta 3/4 Pant, and the Tempesta Leg Warmer, you have the safety of high vis on your legs, with the small patches of reflective material. But don’t fret – you’ll still have the style of Castelli clothing, with a minimalist, sleek black design. Not only this, but with these items you’ll get rain protection – the fully seam-sealed pant is ensure to keep the water at bay, and if wearing the leg warmer at the same time, you’ll get extra water protection and visibility. The perfect wet weather clothing!

Enjoy our full Castelli clothing Autumn Winter range, for men and women from ProBikeKit!

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