We’ve tried quite a lot of ZipVit over the last year. It was the chosen food sponsor for our 24hr race back in June and because we were sleep deprived and aching, the subject of what we actually ate and drank hasn’t really come up since!

Thinking back, what we did try we were more than happy with, the Fruit Punch flavour energy drink (ZV1 for those in the know) kept us flying along the pan flat runway and the caffeine gels gave us more wings than any ‘caffeinated energy drink’ can…

ZipVit hit the scene flying in 2009 by sponsoring one of the coolest teams around  – Cervelo Test Team and they also supported RadioShack  in 2010 when they competed over here in Europe. The UK/Switzerland-based sports nutrition began their ‘Project ZV’ with Cervelo Test Team and has been developed using the latest scientific research and is aimed at sportsmen and women, whether professional, amateur or recreational. It includes energy drinks, chews, bars and gels for use before and during races or training, as well as protein-rich bars and drinks for post-exercise recovery.

After our brief encounter, I’d urge you to at least try the Sampler Box we have on offer to give you a good idea of the flavours, consistency and range of products available.

So the range: ZV1

Fairly easy to understand, everything is from the ZV project with a number afterwards.

Starting as you might expect with 1 – we have the Energy Drink Elite.

Given 4/5 by Road.cc in a recent review and recommended by us for it’s taste – it contains 32g of carbs in a serving yet doesn’t taste gloopy or have you creating loads of saliva which is a godsend on hot days and when the hammer is down in a race. 40 servings in a tub make it good value and the benefit of having 7 minerals and electrolytes plus no artificial flavours, colours and preservatives should keep your body happy!


An extreme version of the ZV1 for when the heat is on (literally). Specially for improving performance during exercise in very hot weather and is recommended for endurance events.


An all in one product for use immediately after exercise that dramatically improves performance and recovery without increasing body weight.


Where 4 went I’m not sure but this is the Night Time Recovery Drink – specially formulated to be taken just before bedtime, ZV5 helps optimise recovery by providing the body with a constant supply of essential amino acids while sleeping – sounds tasty!


Zip Pro pure protein is a fast digesting high quality whey protein that is the perfect for reducing body fat when taken with exercise and a sensible diet.

Zip Pro provides a great tasting concentrated and cost effective source of natures highest quality proteins and amino acids. This helps ZV6 support a healthy immune system and deliver faster strength gains and fat loss.

23.8g of high BV whey protein and 5.5g of BCAA’s for rapid repair of your hard worked muscles.


This brings us to the gels. You have the standard ZV7 and the ZV7c which is (very!) caffeinated.

If I had a crit or short race after work this is precisely what I’d be taking before and during!

As much caffeine as 2.5 cans of the famous Red Bull might not be recommended for daily intake, but once a week when you need to perform it’s something you’ll appreciate. This caffeine is combined with Tyrosine to keep you performing mentally and physically. You need just 2 gels per hour to get your (recommended 100g per hour) carb rate.


Also in the range are the ZV8 energy bars – a unique, easily digestible blend of ingredients engineered specifically for the nutritional demands of endurance athletes. The Uncoated chocolate bar doesn’t melt, which makes it ideal to eat in hot weather (39.4g of carbs per serving).


Protein bars – they promote muscle recovery and strengthen the immune system. Before and after training each bar provides a full 19.7g of quality proteins. Great tasting, a moist bar rich in whey.

I recovered faster after training when using ZipVit’s protein bars – Philip Deignan – Tour of Spain – Vuelta Stage winner 2009.


First used by Thor Hushovd and Roger Hammond in the 2010 Paris Roubaix. The outcome? Second and fourth places, respectively.

Each foil pack contains eight chews for a total load of 46g of carbohydrate, about the same as an energy gel. Formulated with a synergistic vitamin and mineral blend; to help maintain energy production, reduce fatigue and combat the effects of damaging free radicals during exercise.

They make a nice change to gels and have the added vitamins to keep you in good condition!

So after that bombardment of Z’s, V’s and numbers if you’re wondering just what to buy I’d give the Sampler Box a go. It’s a great value way of finding out if Zipvit energy is for you and at the end of the day and you still have a bottle to use!

Let us know what you think below – do you like the flavours? How did the chews go down?




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