How to pack a Scicon AeroTech Evolution 3.0 TSA bike case

If you need to transport your bike abroad, then the safest way to do this is with a bike box or case. Scicon have a number of high-quality cases that will keep your bike damage-free. We’ve sent our ambassador CyclingCam a Scicon AeroTech Evolution 3.0 TSA case to use for transporting his bike overseas. Watch him expertly take us through how to pack your bike away in the case in simple, easy steps.


What is The Scicon AeroTech Evolution 3.0 TSA bike case?

It is a rigid hard thermoplastic ABS shell travel case that protects your bike from damage when you travel abroad. The cycling case is extremely popular amongst professional road cycling teams and has been tested to the maximum by big race teams such as Cannondale, Trek Factory Racing, Cervelo Test Team and many more.

The Case has been Developed and engineered in Italy. It is lightweight and easy to use with full security measures in place such as reinforced TSA key locks. This case offers the maximum protection for your bike to transport anywhere in the world.

How does a Scicon bike case work?

A system called Suspended Frame System (SFS) holds your bike in the case securely in place. It is strapped in just like a car seatbelt system. The soft, cushioned tube pads work to absorb shock from baggage handling and travelling incidents and prevents any rubbing and abrasions on the frame. The well designed and Integrated wheel pockets ensure your wheelset is separated from the bike and the detachable component bag provides plenty of space for your seat post, skewers, pedals and any tools you may want to take with you.

A simple guide on How to Pack your Bike Case with @CyclingCam:

What you need:

Tape, Allen key for the saddle and seat post and another Allen key for the left pedal.

Step 1

Take the road bike and the tape. Take a strip of tape and rip it off and put it around the bottom of the seat post so you know where the saddle is when you take it out.

Step 2

Remove the left-hand side pedal

Step 3

Loosen the seat post and take the seat post out.

Step 4

Loosen the bars

Step 5

Remove the both front and back wheels

Step 6

Open the bike box and insert the wheels

Step 7

Remove the skewer and the spring from the bike

Step 8

Reinsert the skewer

Step 9

Let out air and place the wheel in the bike box

Step 10

Put the quick release in the wheel and secure the skewer on the other side of the box.

Step 11

Repeat for the rear.

Step 12

Turn the bars to the right.

Step 13

Place the bike in the box

Step 14

Strap the bike in to secure with the straps provided.

Step 15

Close and secure the bike box.

Step 16

Lock the security locks with the key provided.


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