How to Change an Inner Tube: 10 Simple Steps

how to change an inner tube

There are two solutions to a flat tyre. You can either patch it up in the workshop, or you can simply change and replace your inner tube.  The latter is much quicker and easier, especially if you need a fix mid-ride!

What tools do you need?

10 Simple Steps to change an Inner Tube:

  1. Let any remaining air out of the wheel by unscrewing the valve
  2. Slot the tyre levers around the rim of the wheel, roughly six to eight inches apart from each other
  3. Work the tyre levers around the rim so that the tyre comes off the wheel
  4. Slip the whole of the inner tube out of the wheel and put it to one side
  5. Check the tyres for any debris by running your fingers around the inside of the tyre carefully and remove any debris
  6. Re-fit the tyre to the rim so that one bead is fully in place
  7. Pump a little bit of air into the new inner tube so that it holds a bit of shape
  8. Insert the inner valve of the tube into the valve hole in the rim to secure it
  9. Place the rest of the inner tube inside the bike tyre and then release the little air you just put in the tube to make the next step easier
  10. Starting at the valve, push the valve up first to hook the second bead onto the rim easily and continue working around the whole circumference of the tyre
  11. Do some final checks to make sure that the other side of the tyre is secured in the rim, and check that no inner tube is exposed
  12. Finally, pump up the tyre to its full psi and be on your way!

Have a look at GCN’s video for technique on how to change your tube as efficient as possible:

If you need to change your inner tube during a ride, then make sure you come off the road and find a safe place to begin working on your bike.

Video source: GCN

Image source: Road Cycling UK

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