Castelli Winter Clothing 2019: Protecting You Rain Or Shine

Castelli Winter Clothing 2019: Protecting You Rain Or Shine


One massive problem with winter cycling clothing is the lack of versatility. A prime example of this are winter cycling jackets. While a dedicated wet weather jacket will protect you from rain, most aren’t very insulative. Equally, while dry weather winter jackets are very insulative, they don’t offer protection from wet weather. Of course, while owning two separate dedicated cycling outfits for wet and dry weather is ideal, as we all know, cycling clothing isn’t cheap. What riders really need are versatile pieces that provide comfort in a variety of conditions. Fortunately, out of these concerns for versatility, the Castelli RoS collection was born.


Man cycling, wearing CastellI Alpha RoS jacket


Castelli based the primary concept of their winter clothing collection 2019 on the idea that riders should be able to wear the same garment, whether it’s raining or shining. Hence the name ‘Rain or Shine’ collection, or RoS for short. By designing and producing garments that perform well in a variety of conditions, the new RoS collection is highly versatile and can be worn throughout most winter conditions, barring the most horrific torrential downpours and the coldest, frostiest mornings. With this new collection in mind, we thought we’d look at some of the key pieces in the Castelli AW19 RoS range, and their key features.


Castelli RoS Winter Jackets


Castelli has led the introduction of the RoS range with an overhaul of their essential winter kit staples, the Gabba and Perfetto jackets. So, what have they changed?

The outer shell of the Gabba and the Perfetto are now constructed with Gore-Tex Infinium 205 Warm, a fully waterproof fabric, which ensures that no water seeps through either jacket. This, combined with selective seam sealing on the shoulder and sleeves, avoids water entering the garment through the seams as well, for total protection in wet weather.


Close up of man wearing Castelli Gabba RoS jacket


Not all updates are focused on improving water-resistance though, Castelli has sought to improve the all-round performance of each jacket too. With Body Mapping Insulation, both garments now have a thicker front panel providing a shield to the torso from the wind, while the back panels are lighter and offer more ventilation for extra breathability and comfort.


Man cycliong wearing Castelli winter clothing


They also have two larger rear pockets, rather than three smaller rear pockets, which allows easier access for gloved hands. All colour variants include reflective detailing on the rear, for added visibility during low-light, and the black iterations even contain reflective detailing on the front too, for extra visibility.



Perfetto now also comes in a convertible version too, with removable forearm sleeves, to maximise temperature regulation for rides where you experience all four seasons.


Close up of pockets on the back of a Castelli Gabba jacket


Importantly, despite all these changes, both jackets retain the same distinctive cut and protection from cold weather, with slightly longer sleeves and a dropped tail, that made them both firm favourites for racing and riding in colder conditions.


Castelli RoS Winter Jerseys


Man cycling, wearing a Castelli Nelmezzo jersey


Dressing for late spring and early autumn can be difficult. While for most riders, wearing full summer kit isn’t an option, equally, full-length tights and a winter jacket can leave you feeling a little stuffy. Thankfully, Castelli have you covered with the new, slightly thicker, Nelmezzo RoS jersey to keep you comfortable during these temperamental changes of season.



Constructed with a double layer fabric, the Nelmezzo RoS jersey is less bulky than a regular cold weather jersey but also keeps the colder elements at bay, better than a regular jersey. Similarly, the tighter Nanoflex Xtra Dry fabric weave allows you to ride in comfort, during misty conditions and even in lighter rain. The Nelmezzo RoS jersey is completed with reflective armbands and back panel for added visibility.


Man cycling, wearing a Castelli Nelmezzo jersey



Castelli Winter Tights & Shorts


Castelli has also made significant updates to their winter tights and shorts, considering the RoS philosophy. Both Castelli’s Nano Flex Pro 2 tights and Nano Flex Pro 2 Omloop bib-shorts are constructed with Nanoflex Xtra Dry Fabric and a double face knit to bring a high level of protection against water and wind.


Man cycling, wearing a Castelli 2019 Nano Flex winter shorts


In a similar way to the Perfetto and Gabba jackets, Castelli has also sought to vastly improve the overall performance of these garments. With an updated Progetto Air seamless chamois, both pieces offer lasting comfort during long hours in the saddle.



As expected, the Castelli Nano Flex Pro 2 tights offer more protection against the cold and should be the go-to piece out of the two for most winter conditions. To minimise the chances of a cold backside, Castelli has included a double layer of fabric on the rear of the Nano Flex Pro 2 tights to protect the rider against water and mud spraying up from the back wheel. The tights are completed with reflective splash guards on the lower leg, to keep you seen and safe during low light.


Man wearing Castelli Nano Flex winter tights 2019



Castelli RoS Winter Accessories


Keeping your extremities warm and dry are an essential part of riding in comfort throughout winter months. With this firmly in mind, Castelli has updated a key few staple accessory pieces to improve all-weather versatility.

One major update includes the Spectacolo RoS glove. When designing this product, Castelli wanted to solve the key issues that confronted riders with existing deep winter gloves, i.e. excessive bulk and water ingress. To resolve the first issue, Castelli designed the Spectacolo RoS glove with Primaloft insulation which keeps your hands very warm, while also retaining a slim fit. To address the issue of water ingress, Castelli constructed the Spectacolo RoS glove with a water repellent fabric on the outer shell, to keep your hands dry during downpours.


Man putting on Castelli 2019 winter gloves


Castelli has also introduced their RoS Shoecover into their range of winter accessories. It is made of stretchy, water and wind-resistant fabric, and excels during both very cold and wet conditions. With a contoured seam, this shoe cover hugs your foot and offers a firm fit on the ankle. Like many items within the RoS range, the RoS shoe cover is completed with a reflective heel cap for maximum rider visibility in low light.


Castelli overshoes 2019


Finally, Castelli has also introduced a RoS cycling cap for changing weather conditions, which is constructed with Pertex, a lightweight, breathable fabric, and a DWR coating to protect against the rain. With an adjustable panel, you can choose to wear it fully covered when you need protection from the elements and peel it back when you need more breathability when the sun decides to shine.



Despite this colossal overhaul of critical pieces and the introduction of RoS, Castelli has still packed their 2019 winter clothing collection with plenty of old favourites, such as the Squadra waterproof jacket for extremely wet weather, and their Sorpasso 2 Wind bib-tights for extremely cold, dry conditions.


Two men cycling, wearing 2019 Castelli winter clothing


However, with winters becoming more unpredictable, and conditions changing readily throughout the course of a single ride, versatile clothing is king. Thanks to the Castelli RoS range, theoretically, riders can wear the same outfit in most, if not all, conditions that winter throws. As a by-product, riders should save money too, without having to splash out dedicated wet weather, and dedicated dry weather gear.



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