If you are serious about cycling  look no further than the Castelli range, famous for its Italian classic styling and innovative items that dress a variety of cyclists from the Pro Peloton to the Saturday afternoon chain gang. Their range is designed with passion and commitment to the sport and their clothing is something many cyclists aspire to wearing. Anyone who has already tested Castelli cycling kit knows that there designs are perfect for spending your day in the saddle but also will make you look as stylish as a Gucci model on your coffee stop.

Like Italians, Castelli live for cycling and style, and they make every effort to ensure you will do the same. Castelli make little changes to their 2013 Spring/Summer line besides the colour options. In my mind I don’t think a good thing should be messed with and thankfully Castelli seem to feel the same way. That doesn’t mean they haven’t moved forward with innovation it just means that they tweaked where it needed tweaking and left the rest.

One of the most coveted lines in the Castelli wardrobe is the BodyPaint line. As worn by Garmin Sharp, BodyPaint shorts are made with seamless construction, one single piece of fabric that is so light you forget you are wearing anything at all. The shorts feature the Progetto X2 Air seat pad, a chamois that was rigorously tested by the Cervelo Test Team and Garmin Barracuda for over three years to give your backside a perfectly comfortable ride. Designed with 2 layers, the skin side is one entire seamfree, perforated foam layer that allows the air to flow and adapt to your every movement, meaning there is no bunching up or chaffing that causes such aggravation on a ride. The second multi density foam layer is made with variable thickness, engineered to put the padding where you need it most so you can sit in the saddle for hours without experiencing discomfort.

Castelli are also geniuses when it comes to inventing products that everyone else wishes they thought of first. Many racing cyclists love the aerodynamic fit and feel of a skinsuit, but without pockets and the ability to easily relieve yourself on a long ride, they are apprehensive about wearing them. So Castelli invented the Sanremo 2.0 Speed Suit. An aero jersey with a full zip and three rear pockets, stitched to the BodyPaint bib shorts completely eliminating the need for bib straps. From the back it will look like a skinsuit with pockets, from the front a separate jersey and shorts combination. The best thing about the speedsuits is the comfort, no restrictions means you have no excuses not to spend hours in the saddle.

For those who don’t or can’t let a bit of rain spoil your parade, Castelli’s Nano flex range is a must for your collection. The shorts are almost just as breathable as a standard pair of Castelli shorts, however when the rain starts the water drops basically just roll off the kit. Ok so they won’t keep you extremely dry in a downpour but then again if you want something extremely comfortable and breathable you are going to have to make some sacrifices. The nanoflex range isn’t just shorts though and arm warmers, knee warmers and leg warmers are also available. If you really want to go all out and have something that is absolutely perfect for wet riding then the Gabba jersey is the ultimate success of Castelli innovation. A waterproof, breathable, short sleeved jersey with compete wind protection. If you are serious about riding it is the best bit of kit you can have as it eliminates the need to carry a jacket on those days when you just don’t trust the clouds ahead.

If you’re still looking for a jacket than the Pocket Liner Jacket is Castelli’s best. 170 grams, fully waterproof, and constructed to a race fit, it packs up small enough to fit in your back pocket and even has a storm flap to protect your backside from spray. Made with eVent Fabric, Castelli claim it is 30% more breathable than standard, lightweight waterproof jackets. This jacket doesn’t leave you feeling sticky and sweaty and the colour is neutral enough to match the rest of your wardrobe.

The one comment I hear time and time again with regards to Castelli is the fit. As a lot of the kit is designed for racing it doesn’t tend to fit the regular, café stop cyclist as many find that they are having to order a size up or even two. Castelli kept that in mind when developing the Aero Race 4.0 jersey. They wanted to make something that was as aerodynamic as a jersey could be but they worked on the fit and stretch as well, making it so it would fit the everyday rider rather than just Team Garmin Sharp.

Castelli haven’t let out the Bellas either. Women to an Italian man are goddesses and Castelli treat the female cyclist in the same way. Where some brands tend to make the best for the men and then leave the scraps of pink fabric for the women, Castelli have paid attention to what the women require and designed their range accordingly. The BodyPaint shorts that are so popular with the men have been adjusted for the female form. They have adapted the famous Progetto x2 chamois to work for women as well as the Kiss3 pad for the less expensive shorts. The women’s jerseys are stylish so you can look serious in a crit race but still fit in at your local café stop if that’s the type of riding you prefer. And with a selection of jackets, gloves and other essentials you can be prepared for any ride and any forecast.

The luxury of Castelli has trickled down into all their ranges from climbers jerseys to aero booties everything in this seasons collection is cohesive and extremely stylish. They have continued to develop their range to give us a selection that exceeds our expectations. I could talk all day about the advantages to wearing Castelli and how it will completely transform you as a rider, but there are open roads and riding to be done so I will let you discover for yourself.




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