The 5 Best Winter Cycling Jackets to keep you on your Bike this Season

As the frosty mornings draw in and the rain starts to fall, going for a cycle becomes much more of a chore than usual. You may have lost all motivation, or have been put off by the cold temperatures outside, but if you make sure that you’re well prepared for the season ahead then there’s really no need to worry! One of our main pieces of advice is to invest in one of the best winter cycling jackets on the market. I’m talking waterproof, windproof and warm so that you protect yourself against all-weather scenarios!

As a quick guide before I tell you our top picks, the following are a few features that you ideally want for a good quality winter cycling jacket:

  • Warmth

Firstly, you want to look for warmth with breathability in a winter jacket. Whilst you need a fabric that retains heat, you don’t want to over-heat or sweat too much, so the best winter cycling jackets have features to target these elements specifically. Many are designed with mesh-like materials to help your body breathe alongside thick materials to ensure that you maintain a warm temperature but don’t over-heat when climbing.

  • Waterproof

You want to protect yourself from the rain, not just a drizzle or shower but persistent rainfall. It can be very difficult to increase your body temperature after becoming cold and wet when training in the winter. The best way to avoid this is to invest in a jacket with waterproof technology, which will keep you dry and comfortable for longer.

  • Windproof

You should also consider a windproof cycling jacket to make sure that you don’t get a chill when forcing through a strong headwind. Windproof materials keep the cold air out while ensuring you retain heat within the jacket, thus meaning your body remains protected and your cycling performance isn’t affected by the cold.

  • Reflective Features

The very best winter jackets feature reflective materials in areas such as the rear pockets, zips and seams. Safety and visibility is more important than even during the winter months, the mornings remain darker for longer and the nights draw in faster. Whilst bike lights are efficient and essential, having reflective elements on your winter jacket that can be caught by car headlights and street lights to ensure you remain visible on the road at all times shouldn’t go amiss!

Winter Cycling Guide


Winter Cycling Guide

With the cold season fast approaching, so is the lack of motivation, but let's not use it as an excuse to ignore our bikes!

2016-01-15 15:30:50By Elizabeth Demetriou

Winter Cycling Jacket Suggestions

  1. Castelli Gabba RoS Jersey
    £96.49 Buy now with Probikekit

    Castelli Gabba RoS Jersey

    When the Castelli Gabba jacket was first introduced, it was the only jacket that offered a high level of wind and water-resistance as well as being breathable. In fact, many riders in the pro peloton liked it so much, they infamously broke contract, bought one and blacked out the iconic Castelli logo with a pen.  

    This 4th generation Gabba jacket now includes taped seams for added waterproofing and a brushed front panel for maximum wind protection. Castelli has also introduced an even lighter back panel to improve breathability even further. Another radical, but wholly welcomed update is the move to two larger back pockets which allow easier access for gloved hands. If you’re lucky enough to be sponsored, grab your black marker. 

    Buy now with free delivery
  2. Sportful Fiandre Pro Jacket
    £131.99 Buy now with Probikekit

    Sportful Fiandre Pro Jacket

    Borne out of inspiration from the cycling heartland of Flanders and it’s famously harsh weather conditions, Sportful’s Fiandre Pro Jacket is perfect for riding in snow, rain and windDespite the amount of protection on offer, thanks to the Polartec® NeoShell® construction, this jacket offers a high level of breathability too, making it well suited for race-pace efforts. Complete with a waterproof YKK full-length zip and reflective detailing, it’s easy to see why the Sportful Fiandre Pro jacket is a firm favourite amongst the pro peloton. 

    Buy now with free delivery
  3. Santini Vega H20 Jacket
    £70.49 Buy now with Probikekit

    Santini Vega H20 Jacket

    Warm, comfortable, visible – what more could you ask for? Constructed with Sitip®’s Blizzard Thermofleece and treated with water-repellent Acquazero®, the Santini Vega H20 jacket is ideal for changeable autumnal and spring conditions where rain, wind and cold remain constant threats. With ergonomic waterproof cuffs which sit close to the skin, this jacket keeps rain out and warmth in at the extremities. It’s complete with reflective detailing to heighten visibility to other road users.  

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  4. Castelli Perfetto RoS Long Sleeve Jersey
    £131.99 Buy now with Probikekit

    Castelli Perfetto RoS Long Sleeve Jersey

    Forming part of the Castelli Rain or Shine collection, (or RoS for short) the Castelli Perfetto RoS long sleeve jacket is designed to offer an equal amount of protection from wind and rain. Featuring a Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper 205 fabric construction, covered waterproof YKK zip and taped seams, this jacket offers total protection from all but the worst torrential downpours. This latest iteration even features zippered ventilation holes on the side of the chest for easy temperature regulation on the go. Like many jackets in this new range, Castelli has replaced the classic three-rear-pocket design with two larger pockets, which allow easier access for gloved hands.  

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  5. Sportful Super Giara Jacket
    £90.49 Buy now with Probikekit

    Sportful Super Giara Jacket

    A jacket that punches well above the price tag. Equipped with a distinct three-layer design – an outer layer, an insulating middle layer and inner lining, the Sportful Super Giara jacket provides protection against wind, light rain and temperatures as low as 5°. With a lighter back panel, breathability isn’t sacrificed either. What makes this jacket really stand out are the two large chest pockets for storage, as well as the more traditional three rear pockets. With this added storage, it’s perfect for gravel riders, commuters, road riders and bike packers alike.  

    Buy now with free delivery

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Image source: Sportful AW16 range

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