This weeks new brand to arrive at PBK is the Kinesis range of frames and forks.

Taking a box of inanimate parts, some new, some well used and trusted and then tinkering until you come up with a whole new creation that feels familiar but is totally different to ride is a great thing to do!

Putting the work in and getting some grease under your fingernails to create something unique makes the first ride even sweeter. The enquiring glances you will get, feel good too.

Our PBK technical support team are here for you along the way to make sure your build goes smoothly.


The experience starts here.

We’re getting in a full range of frames, for road, cross and urban applications. Kinesis have been making frames for over 10 years and have now launched their ‘DECADE’ range:

Innovation, Adaptability, Detailing, Quality and Affordability.

Many of you may know Kinesis for their road cycling team who have been wearing Morvelo clothing and riding the distincive white and blue themed bikes with the kit being orange/black.

They have a great ethos behind the team, “it’s not where you finished but the story and adventure behind it.”

Anything to do with the experience and highs and lows of riding and racing bicycles.

So onto the bikes:

The Racelight T2/Tk2 – “the benchmark for aluminium frames”

The T2 and Tk2 are designed to excel in the winter and perform  as an all year round race frame, more than capable of dealing with the dings and bangs which would take their toll on a super lightweight carbon frame.

Developed and refined over many years, this has become the default choice for club riders and Pro’s over the winter months. There is a 48cm version which has been introduced to suit female riders and juniors. The difference between the two is that that T2 uses 7005 aluminium tubing whereas the Tk2 uses advanced, smooth welded Kinesium tubing.

Kinesium: enhanced 6000 series Aluminium alloy, which is 25% stronger than 6061 at the same weight level, manufactured in house at the Kinesis factory.

Built up they are a great looking bike, we are only stocking the frames, components will need to be bought separately which we are on hand to help with.

These both have ample clearance for guards along with rack mounts and clearance for wider tyres (please note that long reach brakes have to be used on these frames to account for the extra clearance).

The rear stays are ‘anti roadshock’ which give maximum comfort for those longer rides.

The Tk2 features a top tube with a ‘power bulge’ in it. Wide at the front, tapering slightly at the middle  for stiffness while the oversize and aero downtube is aero at the top, becoming ovalised at the BB for maximum power transfer.

The Tk2: “…impeccable handling…more than lives up to it’s claims”

The Racelight Granfondo – “it’s no slack angled tourer!”

Matching frame material to purpose is equally important as getting the geometry spot on. The new GranFondo frameset is an excellent example of this philosophy. Carbon may be the latest fashion, but alloy tubes can do some things just as well, if not better than the Black wonder material. Scandium is the ideal material for a frame that needs to be responsive and lively, but retain some resilience to cushion the blows of a long distance ride.

Carbon plays it’s part too. The ‘carbon strutt’ seat stays and Selcof carbon post take out some road buzz and the carbon fork is tuned and shaped for some vertical compliance whilst keeping that direct handling feel.

We all know that Sportives are not a ‘race’, but there is certainly a competition element in there!

Available in two exclusive paint finishes; Deep Blue Metallic, Black Cherry Metallic (Deep metallic Red). With contrasting White/Titanium graphics – a really good looking frame.

The GranFondo is a versatile frameset too, with mudgaurd eyelets on frame and fork + rack mounts. The frame/fork are designed for normal/short brakes, allowing ample choice of high end componentry. Sportives are huge in the UK and Europe and we think that this superb new frame ticks all the boxes.

“…turns out to be a cracking good ride. It meets the necessary requirement for the frequent sportive riders, comfortable for long sessions in the saddle but also rewarding riders who like an involving, entertaining and fast ride. Overall 10/10

The Racelight KR-210L – “designed specifically for junior and female riders”

Taking a full size road race frame and simply scaling it down is the mistake that many frame builders make, a smaller, lighter rider does not require the same tubing as the average male pro. The KR-210L uses lighter and smaller dia. chain and seat stays and SPF thin wall front triangle, this keeps things light and responsive and smooths out the ride for lower weight riders.
A shorter top tube is important for comfortable reach from seat to bars, as is a smaller frame height for more stand over clearance.

The KR-210L has four sizes from 40 to 49cm and virtual top tubes of 49 to 53cm, it also has short head tubes to minimise standover and bar height.

Short, small frames with full size wheels can cause toe overlap problems, so the KR-210L has slacker head angles to help avoid this and also lengthen the wheelbase and tame the handling.

A custom painted, aero blade, carbon fork with lightweight dropouts completes the package.

The DECADE Convert2 – “the thinking man’s fixed!”

The DECADE range of frames is aimed to represent the virtues that have helped build the success of Kinesis in the UK.

Modern riding has changed, the commuter is not always happy to ride a heavy, slow hybrid. Decade framesets are designed with adaptability firmly at the top of the list and fit niches that are not properly catered for by the mass manufacturers.

The key to this frame is the clever ‘Swopout’ replaceable dropouts which mean that you can easily and quickly swap from vertical 130mm spacing to horizontal 120mm spacing for a track hub. This is not a twitchy, super tight angled, high BB track frame, it is designed to be totally usable and will take mudguards and a rack, a triple and mech or strip it right back and run it fixed.

“Great handling, great looking, adaptable machine…don’t chuck it in the shed until the following winter, make it fixed and carry on commuting. A neat, clever, cool bike that we’ve really enjoyed our time with”

A good indication of how good a brand’s products are is how us staff respond and react to handling the frames out of the box. So far it’s all been ‘oohs’ and ‘ooh that’s neat’. The paint jobs are top notch and the prices really can’t be argued with. If you need a cross bike, a winter, training, women’s or general hack definitely give these a second glance, the next few staff bikes are looking like they’ll be of the Kinesis flavour.



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