The fix wheeled culture is upon us, no longer can the hard core elite of the bicycle courier world or the might of the Great Britain track team keep it for there selves.

Never has there been so much choice and interest for one of the most underground of cycling disciplines, websites showing off the latest in gear and styles are appearing everywhere. Videos that, if you ever have tried to ride a fix wheel bike leave you puzzled by just what is possible and if you haven’t well you will still be amazed by the level of what is being achieved.

For those that managed to catch any of the 2009 Interbike coverage it was easy to see the vast array of manufactures putting forward there own take of this cycling culture. 2187288326_0f84b1b91b_oFrom the mainstream of Cannondale and Kona to the old masters of Cinelli and Bianchi and on to the new school from Identiti and Charge more company’s then ever are making fixies for the 2010 season.

The choice and the range of styles is some what hard to believe considering what the design basis is for these machines, one gear, simple frames and if your feeling brave not even any brakes. From the swooping lines of the classic looking fixie with the lugged steel frames to the classic shaped drop bars and the retro components used to put the together to the all together more weird and wonderful. The new trend for the more compact modern frames with narrow flat bars and some more in your face colour schemes show the new trend coming through. Driven from what at times looks more like it has been conceived from a catwalk and not an oval race track 4072674673_d86a96258bthere is defiantly some thing out there to suit everybody’s taste.

What makes a refreshing change in this ever more complicated sport is the simplicity of the bikes which makes the bikes relatively cheap and the also require very little maintenance to keep them running which is vital in the winter months.

So what does all this mean to the vast majority of us, well there is a sudden influx of well priced, low maintenance bikes that are perfect for winter commuting and make great training tools for the season ahead. Most bikes come with a flip-flop style rear hub so it possible to run the bike with a fixed cog or a single speed freewheels making them very versatile. All of the mainstreams are sold with brakes which of course is optional but a Resident_Lavendermust for the beginners to this style of riding. Now with most things related to bikes it is always possible to spend a vast some of money creating your dream machine but that doesn’t mean you have to and it would be easy to miss the point if you do.

We are stocking the Evil Resident which makes a brilliant single speed comuter or you can switch it to a fixie and have ago at this new trend.

All in all it will make for a great winter comuter with cheap running costs, what more can you ask for!

This is what Evil had to say about the Resident.

Well Christmas comes early yet again! We have been waiting on these little gems for as long as the Revolts! The Resident series is our answer to the city streets. Here at Evil weResident_White_Closeup all commute and wanted to make some bikes that suit the ridiculously wet and crappy streets of Seattle. We have 2 models, the single speed/fixed version with trend whore 80’s throwback graphics and featuring artwork by Jeremy Fish ( the black and white tires in photo are not available ). This is possibly my favorite bike in the line!

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