You may recall back in 2010 we took a tongue in cheek look at what pets cycling greats might have.  Well we decided it was time for a second go.

What animal for cheerful hard man Eddie Merckx?

…a grizzly bear of course.



We like Levi Leipheimer a lot, but what animal would he have?

A Hawksbill turtle of course!!

Dominic Klemme, what pet would he have?




If Sir Chris Hoy had a pet, what would he go for?

Yes! An alpine Marmot, perfect to take altitude training with you.

hat pet for Leopard Trek rider Frank Schleck?

A leopard of course! It’s contractual you see.

What animal for legendary hard man Jens Voigt?

Trick question!  

There’s only one animal in his house: him!


Laurent ‘Le Prof’ Fignon was a keen pet owner we’re sure – but what pet?


What pet for RadioShack’s Ben King?

Easy one! A Jack Russell for Ben.

What pet for Nibali?


A shark of course!! He had his garden converted to accommodate George the shark.

Cavendish, last time we suggested a ferret but after a review process and some internal auditing we think his pet would be…

YES! You guessed it, a cartoon Cheshire Cat.

What pet for Jonathan Vaughters, Garmin-Cervelo head honcho?

A Chameleon of course!!

I know we looked at Cipollini last time, but when we came across this earlier photos we realised perhaps the Italian Stallion has owned other pets…

Yes! In an early career visit to Scotland, he got himself a Highland Cow.

What animal would the mighty Tho Hushovd have?

A mighty polar bear of course!!

Mr Boasson Hagen’s pet, any ideas?

An Alsation!



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