Here’s the second round, a few more actual pictures of the products we stock and hopefully some useful info for before buying.

Knog D-lock

The Knog stand was by far one of the coolest, with plenty of new stuff and their existing range it was a little hive of activity. This D-lock looks the part and there was an electronic version there which if it works will no doubt become a favourite. The silicone surround on the main bar will prevent it scratching even the most precious of bikes and should let it sit happily with other items in your bag.

Knog cable lock

The other new lock was a cable type lock again with the silicone outer to prevent it scratching your bicycle.

Ritchey 1-bolt seatclamp

Here’s a close up mainly for reference. On some of our new saddles we state to check with us about the seat-clamp on your bike. This is why. An oval railed, carbon saddle in a clamp like this will simply get crushed when you put any force onto it because it pulls from the side (against the long side of the oval rail) only round rails will do!

Tacx Satori Blue trainer kit

This is a nice illustration of what you actually get in the Tacx Satori Blue trainer set. A limited edition run, it includes a dvd of the Amstel gold race for you to race along with and a trainer bag for easy transport to the gym/club session. For the price, with a lever and dvd included you can’t get much better value for money.

SRAM S80's

Here is what the SRAM S80 wheelset looks like in real life – just as flashy as you’d expect for a TT wheelset! What they lack in light-weight-ness they make up for in speed and aero properties, once spinning these will keep you going over an undulating course and we’ve heard that they aren’t too bad in cross-winds either.



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