Myprotein Recovery Plus Protein Gel Review

I am a 2nd category endurance cyclist competing at a regional level and currently studying Sport & Exercise Science at Liverpool John Moores University. I found myself recently purchasing the Myprotein Recovery Plus Elite Gel.

Key Ingredients

The Recovery Plus Gel from Myprotein is a very simple way to keep up with your daily protein requirements when training load is high. Unlike conventional protein powders, the Recovery Plus Gel allows you to take sachets of gel with you on the go with no need to mix the gel with water in the traditional protein shaker bottle. The 70g sachet offers a 15g serving of protein and 20g serving of carbohydrate. The gel also boasts branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). The BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine) are responsible for stimulating protein synthesis and cellular repair post-exercise.

Texture of the Recovery Plus Protein Gel

The texture of the gel is very similar to that of yoghurt and the flavour is very similar too. I purchased the cherry flavour and found this very palatable after a strength & conditioning session.

Myprotein recovery plus protein gel review

Drug Tested

For those who are concerned about the safety of the nutritional products they consume – for example, athletes competing at a level of which drugs/banned substance testing may be required – have nothing to worry about. The Recovery Plus Elite Gel has passed the tight testing requirements of the Informed Sport certificate. The partnership with Informed Sports checks the products for banned substances during the development and production of the nutritional product.

Overall I am very happy with the gel and I will be purchasing again.

What Have Others Said?

As a sports nutritionist I appreciate that athletes need convenient and effective products for on-the-go nutrition. These gels are a great way to increase an athlete’s protein intake during exercise which is often overlooked.

They had a great flavour, not bitter and sour like some other products I’ve tried and the texture is great too, a welcome break from the usual carbohydrate gel.

As a practitioner it is essential to recommend only batch-tested products to people I’m working with, the fact that these have gone through Informed Sport testing means I wouldn’t hesitate to use them with my athletes.

– Stephen Smith, MSc

Does it really work?

MYP review - alex 2

PBK recently sent me some gels for testing under real life conditions. Since this is a fairly new product for My Protein I wanted to make sure I gave it a thorough test.  I have used My Protein supplements for some time now and was interested to see this product come out and was keen to use it.

I am currently studying a Masters in sports science, so the real life workings of the ingredients really interest me. Do they actually work is the question?!

My protein have been developing their endurance cycling range for a while now and is now building into a complete range that can be applied before, during and after exercise.

I’ve been somewhat sceptic of the change in protein supplements and foods currently available, typically I have only used it in a powder form and mixed with water, easy and convenient. Having it waiting for you in your kit bag post session.

However, these new protein gels are great, as an endurance athlete I like to also get some carbohydrate post session as well, these new gels have 20 g of protein and 15 g of carbohydrates and healthy serving of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) they are very quick and easy to use, with a taste that is the best I have had out of all the available protein gels.

In terms of performance the gels seemed to do what they were supposed to do. After a few tough hours on the bike the gels suppressed my cravings and helped me recover for the following day of training. In comparison to other brands of recovery I would be happy to claim that they helped in achieving the required outcome.

It’s a very quick and easy way to get some protein and carbohydrates in post training or competition, I don’t have any mess with to deal with, especially when I have a busy schedule l can always have a couple in my bag, without having to constantly wash out a protein shaker.

This is now a must in my sports nutrition. No mess, no fuss, just protein and carbs.

James McNeil

BSc – Sport & Exercise Science

MSc – Applied Physiology UoB Student



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Endurance cyclist competing at regional level. Currently studying Sport & Exercise Science at Liverpool John Moores University.