Best Power Meters for under £600

The number of entry-level power meters on the market has soared in recent years. Manufacturers are now offering a range of hub, crank and pedal-based systems. With so many affordable options available you’ll be forgiven for thinking “which is the best power meter for me?”

Cycling power meters measure the power output of a rider and transmit the data to a head unit, i.e. your Garmin, Stages Dash or Polar cycle computer. Training with power is the most accurate way to give an objective measurement of your effort. Traditional training approaches such as using a heart rate monitor or simply ‘perceived effort’ can be heavily influenced by a number of external factors such as fatigue and adrenaline. Power meters allow you to accurately define your training zones and work within them, whether you’re a professional training for a race, or an amateur working towards a sportive. The number of manufacturers producing power meters has risen massively over the past few years, many of which offer a range of entry-level models.

Below are six of the best power meters for under £600:

  1. Stages L G3 105 5800 Power Meter
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    Stages L G3 105 5800 Power Meter

    In just a short space of time, Stages have taken the power meter world by storm. They’re accurate, affordable and easy to install. Just remove your left crank, replace it with a Stages single-side power meter, such as the 105 model, and away you go. Pairing with your head unit is easy and the battery only needs replacing every 200 hours.

    Accuracy: +/- 2%

    Weight: 20 grams

    Battery life: 200+ hours (CR2032)

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  2. Quarq DZero Aluminum Power Meter Crankset - GXP
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    Quarq DZero Aluminum Power Meter Crankset - GXP

    If you’re looking for a dual-sided power meter then Quarq’s DZero is a fantastic option. A CNC machined aluminium spider and forged aluminium carbon crank arms deliver dual-sided power readings at an accuracy of +/- 1.5%.

    A 200-hour battery life, IPX7 waterproof rating, ANT+ technology and a 2-year warranty make the DZero not only user-friendly but also reliable. You’ll struggle to find a more accurate, dependable power meter that is so competitively priced.

    Accuracy: +/- 1.5%

    Weight: 799 grams

    Battery life: 200 hours (CR2032)

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  3. 4iiii Precision 2.0 3D Power Meter - 105 5800 - Black
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    4iiii Precision 2.0 3D Power Meter - 105 5800 - Black

    The 4iiii is the world’s lightest left side power meter. It boasts a highly impressive accuracy reading of +/- 1% and has a built-in adjustment scale factor to account for leg imbalances.

    ANT+ and smartphone compatibility help you optimise your training and work with your device of choice. Improved battery life and a battery status indicator improve reliability. Delivering the same level of accuracy as a number of high-end models, at just a fraction of the price, the 4iiii sets a new benchmark for affordable power meters.

    Accuracy: +/- 1%

    Weight: 9 grams

    Battery life: 100 hours (CR2032)

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  4. Garmin Vector 3 Single Side Power Meter Pedals
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    Garmin Vector 3 Single Side Power Meter Pedals

    Pedal-based power meters have become extremely popular in recent years, partly due to their compatibility and versatility. The pedals can be easily changed between bikes and no bottom brackets converters or specific crank systems are required.

    The Vector 3 is Garmin’s 3rd generation pedal-based power meter. Like PowerTap, Garmin offers a single-sided version of their pedal-based power meter which they call the Vector 3S. They are slightly more expensive than crank-based power meters but there are many pros. They’re simple to set up, you can quickly swap them between bikes and there’s the option to upgrade the right-hand pedal to power at a later date.

    The Garmin Vector 3S are extremely accurate and have an excellent battery life of up to 120 hours.

    Accuracy: +/-1.0%

    Weight: 324 grams (per pair)

    Battery life: 120 hours

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  5. PowerPod Powermeter V2
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    PowerPod Powermeter V2

    The PowerPod measures, up to 800 times per second, the opposing forces caused by hills, wind, acceleration, and friction. Opposing forces matched identically by the forces applied by both legs, determine the cyclist’s power. The unit is attached to the handlebars meaning you can use any cranks, wheels or pedals and the device can quickly be switched between bikes.

    According to PowerPod, the V2’s accuracy is on a par with dual-sided crank-based systems and is superior to single-sided power meters. At less than £300 it’s an affordable solution to training with power if you have a limited budget.

    Accuracy: Difficult to calculate due to variables but when compared with SRM the V2 is +/- 3% accurate.

    Weight: 34 grams

    Battery life: 20 hours (USB rechargeable)

    A Closer Look at the PowerPod Power Meter


    A Closer Look at the PowerPod Power Meter

    The latest PowerPod power meter is extremely affordable, compatible with all bikes and incredibly accurate. We take a closer look at how the PowerPod V2 measures power output and some of the cool features that make it unique.

    2018-02-09 17:15:07By Johnny Bowles

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  6. FSA Powerbox Powermeter Alloy Road ABS Chainset
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    FSA Powerbox Powermeter Alloy Road ABS Chainset

    The FSA PowerBox Alloy uses a Power2Max spider and is another affordable crank-based power meter, which provides a highly accurate total power output measurement of both legs. FSA’s alloy arms and BB386EVO spindle mated together produce a very lightweight, extremely versatile power meter crankset that can be fitted to any frame.

    UK Continental team OnePro Cycling use FSA PowerBox power meters on both their road and time trial bikes. Speaking with OnePro Cycling’s mechanic, he told me “The team had no issues whatsoever and only had to change the batteries one to two times all season (per unit), they’re reliable and work perfectly.”

    Accuracy: +/- 2%

    Weight: 751 grams

    Battery life: 400 hours (CR2450)

    the FSA powerbox power meter

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