A long wait ended this Saturday when Finnish road season finally kicked off with Klimcheffskjy memory race. Circumstances anyway could have been better. It was very chilly with 4 degrees and stormy wind blowing 15-20m/s. With this kind of weather it was clear that the peloton would shatter to pieces all over the road. Crucial breakaway happened already in the second lap with a small bunch of riders. From that breakaway, four men lasted till the end. Sadly for us our only guy was not in that breakaway. A nasty flu kept the rest of our team away from the start line. By leading the main bunch we still got good advert and attention even though the cost of that was not finishing the race.

Team now has couple of weeks time to test out new gear with couple of track races and time trialling before the next road race. By then we have the full roster healthy and running. We are hoping that teams first win comes soon. That would ease up some pressure from the riders and give more self confidence going towards our main goals this season.


  1. T.Liias TuUl 02:04:10
  2. U.Utar KCT st
  3. G.Leppik KCT st
  4. J.Rissanen CC st
  5. J.Mäkelä Team Continental 02:08:03
  6. M.Göös KaTa st
  7. A. Utar KCT 02:08:20
  8. J.Timmerbacka Chebici-Isku st
  9. T.Hämeenaho Team Continental st
  10. P.Leppänen Team Continental st




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