Colnago CLX2.0:

When anything new and shiny arrives here at PBK, there are always plenty of willing volunteers to assist in its integration into the building, (stare, hold, stroke, drool…etc) and the Colnago CLX 2.0 was certainly no exception. What is also very reassuring is when other knowledgeable folks react in the same way and we were delighted to see that the good people at Cycling Weekly reviewed the Colnago CLX 2.0 and gave it the thumbs up!

With the frame only PBK price of £1699, there is plenty left in the bank for giving it a dream make over and the Italian finery that it deserves.

Cycling Weekly’s  Stu Bowers tested the Colnago and stated its positives were that it was a “well priced bike that rides and handles superbly and is stable on the descents and turns.” He saw a possible downside though; that it was a touch heavier than the competition. Maybe he’d just eaten lunch!?

They gave a it a solid 9 out of 10!

The CLX 2.0 is its latest addition, sitting third wheel behind the EPS and CX-1.0. Its entirely new monocoque front end hankers after the usual performance gains – more stiffness, less weight – while Colnago’s tried and tested ‘leaf-shaped’ chainstays are paired with new curved seatstays to balance drive and comfort.

The result is a resounding success, providing you are singing off Colnago’s hymn sheet. That’s to say, it rides and handles superbly, but even though the frame is 100g lighter than its predecessor, the bike is still carrying a bit more weight than many in this price bracket. It’s just the Colnago way.

Thankfully, it’s only a tiny handicap to an otherwise very classy bike, feeling a little sluggish on the climbs, but then it does pay you back by feeling very stable on descents and fast turns.


The CLX 2.0 puts Colnago in the mix with the mass market brands, at a very popular price point.

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