Monday, 15 June 2009

Belgium Here I Come!!

I think I must have tempted fate with the title of my last blog – ‘things can only get better’.

I had just returned to France at the time of my last blog and things generally where getting better, I was back on my bike and training hard, I had eventually got my blog up and running, I had been in contact with Chris sidwells and he was going to come over to France and do an interview with me for cycling weekly. The only problem I was having was with one of the guys I was living with; there was a bad atmosphere in the house so I wanted to move out. The team director was called and he said if I moved out the team house I had to leave the team. So I was stuck there for the time being. The main reason he didn’t want me to move out was that it would create a divide in the team. But as I was eating, training and generally doing everything by myself the divide was already there. It was a new experience for me as for the past 2 or 3 seasons of me racing in Belgium and France I had got along with everyone I had lived with.
I made the decision to come home when I had to ride to and from a race. Not a problem normaly but this was a semi nocturne making the return trip pretty sketchy in the dark. I felt as if I wasn’t getting the support I deserved from the team and this was confirmed when i wasnt in the team for the big race 0f the weekend for the 2nd week running.
My plan now is to go and race in Belgium after the national championship and get some good results that will enable me to find a good Belgium team for next season. I have had a pretty disrupted 6 weeks after crashing, chest infection and the whole saga in France so I just need to get into a routine again of racing and training. I raced last Sunday up at Scotland and got 7th. I just wanted to see what I had in the tank so I rode the race not really thinking of the end result. I started cramping up with about 10 miles to go and totally locked up in the sprint finishing last in the break. I felt pretty strong but I have lost a lot of endurance.
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