It’s count down now folks, yep we all know the Worlds’ are just around the corner ( in 15 days time). I for one am getting pretty excited. You remember the kind of excitement you’d have rumbling inside you when your a kid on the build up to that day when that rounded belly fella (no, not jan Ullrich) was coming, yeah Christmas – well I’m getting like that for the Worlds. As I’ve said in a previous post I’m heading down under to catch the big event.
But this blog isn’t about the Worlds. Well ,actually I’ll squeeze a little bit in then.

And you're sure we head down here!!!

Floods, what’s going on citizens of Australia? You lot down around Geelong look like you’ve had more water than we have in the past few days, I wouldn’t mind but the area that Probikekit’s based in is the lovely region of the Lake District here in blighty. So yes, that does mean we get a hell of a lot of water.

It looks like the professionals will be racing on pedalos for some of the course from images I’ve seen thanks to the Geelong Advertiser (delivered to my door most mornings, honest!).  The organisers have a back up plan – A different  road section they can use, are they going to have to use this? If your in the know and are from the area let’s have some local knowledge. Is this a regular occurrence around Geelong? Will the water subside in time and am I going to have to bring my rubber ring?
Other world news. Stuart O’Grady is a bad influence (I’m only blaming him for comic effect). As we all know you Australians love a cold tinnie or two and after stage 9 of the Vuelta Stuey and the impressionable young lad Andy Scheleck went for an alcoholic beverage.

Riss ain't got a clue I swapped the energy drink for red white.

Team manager Bjarne Riis wasn’t to impressed and sent the lads home. Claiming they had broke team rules. As a lot of pro’s use the Vuelta as a build up to the worlds this effects the riders preparation. As Andy is leaving Saxo Bank next year for the new Luxembourg team and O’Grady has yet to announce his team for next year there could be other motives to Riis’s descission. O’Grady hinted at  saying “basically, there is a lot of tension in the air. I don’t want to make any comments”.

The possible Italian team leader   Filippo Pozzato, with a hair gel addiction and a playboy image has stated that he is abstaining from sex to help him focus and win  the worlds.
Riders in the past have claimed that refraining from sex helps performance on the bike, others aren’t too sure. Ex Swiss professional and the rider with possibly the worst eyesight in the peloton (but that’s another story) when asked about sex before racing said “I can’t see a problem (no not with your eyesight) but I wouldn’t do it on the start line”. The saucy Swiss!
Thinking about it this may have even been Chippolini who said this, and would make more sense. If some one can put me right that would be awesome. Anyhow it’s a classic line from a pro.

Pozatto living a monks life, but still looking a ladies man. Chippo and Zulle had other ideas, true playboys. Honest, Zulle was even with them goggles of his.

Last little bit of news that has surfaced is that Pegasus Sports a new Australian team that is being built and has applied for a UCI Protour licence for the 2011 season has signed Robbie McEwan. Not a bad start to forming a new team.
So there’s your  bit on the Worlds.
Now lets follow on from my last blog which I’m glad to say had a great response from you lovely people out there. I’d asked for advice on where to head when in Australia for the winter. Especially the Melbourne area as I’ve planned on spending some good quality time there with my bike.
Looks like there’s a good scene in that part of the World, stories of group rides with 100 guys and gals on there bikes most mornings. I’m going to have to invest in an alarm clock.
I’ve even had offers of accommodation (which I’m sure I’ll be taking up, gift horse, mouth and all that…) I’m just surprised I’ve not had accommodation offers from a bunch of Aussie young ladies, me being young, fantastically good looking (well my mum said I am, must be true), keen on wearing Lycra and a hair cut that’s a throw back to 1974. Na honestly I can’t see why I ain’t had offers!!

"On the head son"

Enough of the nonsense. I’m asking for advice again, before I head to Australia I’m stopping in Hong Kong. Now I like to think I’m a dab hand at finding anything bike related on the web but trying to find cycling related stuff to do with the 3 days I have in Hong Kong is a challenge. So is there any one out there who can help with what to see or do bike wise while there. Is there a track scene to go and catch or what about that amazing Artistic cycling. If you’ve ever seen some of this before you’ll realise that, that time you managed to wheelie to the sweet shop round the corner from you house wasn’t actually that impressive. These guys are amazing, gymnastics on bikes. Just without all that poncing about that the gymnasts do. Now that would be something to see, and I know that there’s a  Cycle ball scene. Where could I catch a game of this to watch? Or even get involved, I was rubbish at football (soccer for you Americans) at school but on a bike could it be a completely different ball game, sorry about the pun there. Na actually, I’m quite proud of that!

I know I work in a bike shop but is there a neat shop I could check out, one with flashing neon lights? It is Hong Kong after all.

The city with many lights, but is it a city for many bikes?

Is there a cool area where all the hipster kids and couriers hang out showing off there fixies? Most cities have a bar or a corner cafe as I’ve

found out, cyclist hanging around chatting bikes and a drinking beer. Usually a cycling inspired beer,  like your Racer 5 beer in the US that sounds fast.

And what about getting out on the bike do I unpack the stead for a day and head off out or just hire a bike and visit some touristy spots.
Where can I get a job as a bike rickshaw rider for a day and earn myself a few dollars.
Come on people help me out here. I’m up for any offers. I’ll be like the “Yes Man” of the cycling world.

OK people, this is going to be an ongoing project while I’m on my travels, like a Where’s Wally (or Waldo as he’s known in the US).

This is me, Dave! Just look at how excited I am. I'm ready to burst with excitement. Come on folks tell me where to go....Nooo, not like that!

You may have seen a site called where people ask locals questions on the city there planning on heading to. Well this is gonna be like that just bike related and hopefully I’ll even meet up with some of you. I’ll even try and organise  a get together in some place’s. I’ll post a date a location and see who turns up. You can then show me the good roads, the good races and the good cafes.

Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand And the US of A all get your thinking caps on I’m heading your way. Departure dates September 17th.
Let “Project Dave Commence” !! I’ll come up with a better name later.



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