Venn Cycling – Revolutionary Wheels at an Unbeatable Price

Venn Cycling manufacture carbon fibre wheels using two completely unique and innovative methods; filament winding and a continuous tangent layup process. The fact is that not all carbon fibre wheels feel the same or respond in the same way. Weight, rim depth, spoke pattern and aerodynamics are all responsible for whether a wheelset feels stiff and fast or sluggish and slow. One variable that’s often overlooked by cyclists, but not by Venn Cycling, is the manufacturing process and in particular the layup of the carbon fibre.

Cycling Weekly gave the Venn Rev 35 TCC 9/10 in a recent review and were deeply impressed by both the performance and price. “Weighing in at 1,465g on our scales and the lightest on test, these are light, strong, super-fast wheels at a great price.”

a pair of venn cycling rev 507 wheels

Cost/Performance Benefits of Venn Wheels.

We all want improved performance on the bike but ideally, we’d all like to avoid breaking the bank. Getting the balance right between the two has always been difficult, but not anymore. Venn Cycling’s extensive range sets a new precedent for affordable carbon fibre wheelsets. Rim and disc brake models are available in tubular and clincher/tubeless options and come in a variety of depths. Their unique manufacturing processes produce wheels that are not only stiffer and more aerodynamic than many competitor products, but also more affordable.

cycling weekly review of venn wheels

So what is Filament Winding and what is a Continuous Tangent Layup?

Filament winding is a machine managed manufacturing process that is completely unique to Venn Cycling. It is theoretically the best method for manufacturing carbon fibre wheels as all fibres are placed under constant tension, in a single plane that results in the highest possible strength to weight and stiffness to weight ratios. Venn’s winding pattern employs a +45/-45 degree winding process which increases lateral stiffness and therefore responsiveness when climbing or accelerating.

A Venn Rev 35 Tubular wheel, manufactured using filament winding.

The Venn Rev 35 Tubular wheel, manufactured using filament winding.

Continuous tangent layup differs from standard carbon rim manufacturing processes in that rims are made using a single length of UD carbon fibre around the entire rim circumference, as opposed to layering up to six distinct segments of carbon fibre. The continuous tangent layup process means that fibres are always aligned correctly along the rim and as such there are no breaks or cuts in the carbon fibre. This results in an increase in strength, decrease in weight and increase in durability.

The machine used by venn cycling to produce CTL wheels

Continuous Tangent Layup manufacturing tool.

Additional Benefits of Venn Cycling Wheelsets.

Heat resistant resins – One drawback of rim brake wheels is that prolonged periods of braking, especially in hot climates, can lead to a build-up of heat, which reduced braking performance. High glass transition resins used by Venn Cycling show excellent measured performance at temperatures approaching 240°C (464°F).

venn cycling rev 35 tubular wheelset

Rev 35 Tubular Carbon Wheelset

Alter 44 – The Venn Alter wheelsets (rim brake and disc brake) are the only carbon wheels on the market that are made primarily for cyclocross and gravel bike use. The rims are compatible with clincher and tubeless clincher tyres that when used with a sealant virtually eliminate the inconvenience of getting a flat tyre while riding.

the venn cycling alter 44 disc rear wheel.

Venn Alter 44 Tubeless Clincher Disc

ProBikeKit are the exclusive stockists of Venn Cycling wheelsets. With all models coming in at under four figures (UK RRP) you’ll be hard pushed to find a wheelset that rivals Venn Cycling on price and performance.

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