Top Five Best Winter Bib-Tights

Top Five Best Winter Bib-Tights

A good pair of bib-tights are one of those essential items that will keep you rolling in comfort, even in the worst conditions. Not only will a quality pair of tights keep you comfortable, but by keeping you warm, they’ll also help to prevent muscle injuries too. You might have heard the old Norwegian saying – ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just a bad choice of clothing’. Well, cycling clothing is no different. If you want to train outside this winter, then we’d recommend the following five bib-tights which offer excellent protection from elements –


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  1. Castelli Tuto Nano
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    Castelli Tuto Nano

    Castelli say the Tuto Nano bib-tights are incredibly ‘warm, waterproof and comfortable’. And to be totally honest, it’s hard to disagree. Finished with Castelli’s 3rd generation Nano Flex technology, these tights are perfect for all but the coldest conditions and repel water incredibly effectively too. Equipped with a KISS Air2 chamois pad, the Tuto Nano tights also provide an incredible amount of saddle support for tapping out those long winter base miles. Complete with a mesh bib-section and zippered ankles, they also offer a class-leading anatomical fit.  Castelli even makes the Tuto Nano bib tights in a women’s specific version too.

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  2. Sportful Fiandre NoRain Bib Tights
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    Sportful Fiandre NoRain Bib Tights

    Despite their competitive price tag, it’s easy to see why the Sportful Fiandre NoRain Bib-Tights are the go-to tights for many pro riders during winter months and early spring classics. Thanks to the NoRain thermal fabric, these bib-tights offer incredible breathability, wind and water-resistance. Sportful have even included a double-layered front, for added warmth and protection.

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  3. Morvelo Storm Shield
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    Morvelo Storm Shield

    Thanks to the Super Roubaix fleece backed lycra, the Morvelo Storm Shield bib-tights are incredibly warm and are best suited to the temperatures around freezing point. Morvelo has combined the Roubaix material with waterproof polyamide fabric panels on the back and lower legs which help to improve comfort by repelling splashing rainwater from damp roads. They even include reflective strips on the lower leg too, enhancing rider safety out on the road even further.  

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  4. Santini Raro Bib-Tights
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    Santini Raro Bib-Tights

    For such a modest price, the Santini Raro bib-tights offer incredible protection from the elements. While the Thermofleece lining protects the rider from colder conditions, the Shick eMax chamois provides plenty of saddle support for those longer training rides. Unlike many other bib-tights at this competitive price point, the fit hasn’t been compromised either, thanks to the ergonomic design and fabric composition.  

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  5. Sorpasso 2 Wind Tights
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    Sorpasso 2 Wind Tights

    If you’re riding regularly in the coldest conditions, then the Castelli Sorpasso 2 bib-tights are for you. As part of Castelli’s Rosso Corsa range, these tights are designed for riding hard at temperatures as low as –5°. Constructed with full Gor-Tex from waist to the knee, these tights offer total protection from the wind and include water repellent panels on the back and the lower leg to shield against the splash of cold rainwater from wet roads. Despite all this protection, these tights are still incredibly breathable. With Castelli’s highest-level chamois pad, the Progetto X2, the Sorpasso wind tights also offer an incredible amount of comfort and airflow for those long days in the saddle. 

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