Our Best Selling Black Friday Products

Black Friday has quickly become one of the biggest events on the cycling retail calendar. But what exactly is everyone buying? We’ve taken a look at our biggest sellers for 2021, perhaps there’s something here you’ll like for 2022.

Zipp Wheelset

By a huge margin, Zipp wheelsets are the most popular Black Friday at ProBikeKit. The Zipp 303 S, 303 Firecrest, and 404 Firecrest wheelsets all feature among our most popular purchases, not just for wheelsets but across all product categories. Zipp has to be one of the most revered brands in cycling and has produced wheels fit to win Paris–Roubaix, Grand Tour stages, as well as elite cyclocross events. If you’re thinking about upgrading your hoops to something a little racier, then Zipp is the perfect place to start.

Continental GP5000

No surprises for our second most popular Black Friday purchase, unless you expected it’d be in the number one spot. The Continental GP5000 is one of the leading performance bike tyres on the market. Fit for Grand Tours, Monuments, weekday chaingangs, and Sunday club runs the GP5000 is a top-quality tyre, that offers an excellent balance of grip, rolling resistance, and puncture resistance.

Garmin Vector 3 Dual Sided Power Meter

Last year the Garmin Vector 3 power meter was our third most popular purchase. Although it’s been discontinued this year, in its place we have a re-furbished version of it or the updated Garmin Rally. The Vector 3 is well regarded as a quality power meter and in our Black Friday sales is one of the best ways to get yourself a dual-sided power meter. If you’re looking for cutting-edge technology then the successor to the Vector 3, the Rally is definitely worth considering. Boasting +/- 1% accuracy, this is one of the most accurate power meters on the market.

Campagnolo Zonda C17 Wheelset

If it’s a no nonsense, reliable, alloy, rim-brake wheel you’re looking for then the Campagnolo Zonda C17 wheelset is well worth consideration. At a little over 1500 grams, at any price this is a lightweight wheelset, but at this price-point its class leading. Built by a certified Campag technician you can also rest assured that this is a durable wheelset that’s equally well suited to those long winter base miles as it is for when the sunshine comes out.

Scicon Aerotech Evolution X TSA Bike Case

It may be a few months yet until you start to look at next year’s training camp or cycling holiday; or you might be considering jetting off with your bike for some weekend sun. Either way, now is the perfect time to ensure you’re ready to go when the time to pack your bags comes around. The Scicon Aerotech Evolution X TSA bike case is well designed, compact, light, and easy to move around the airport. What’s more, to securely pack your pride and joy you need only remove seat post, wheels, and a single pedal, meaning packing is simple.

Campagnolo Bora WTO 45 Carbon Wheelset

Another Campag wheelset and another race-oriented wheelset now. The Bora WTO 45 carbon rim is very much designed and optimised for racing across undulating terrain. The Bora WTO series has been a long-standing favourite for the Italian component makers, which despite a number of updates over the decades (yes, decades), remains true to its original purpose. The rim is now wider than it has been in the past, allowing it to seat a wider tyre, adding both comfort and speed.

Saris H3 Smart Trainer

The Saris H3 smart trainer is one of our most popular smart trainers. With the cold, dark nights well and truly here, and many more like them to come, this is a great time to ensure your indoor training set up is up to scratch. Although it might have been on the market for a few years now, it remains one of the benchmarks for what a smart trainer should be. Offering +/- 2% accuracy, an ability to simulate up to 20% gradients, and being on of the quietest trainers on the market, there’s little reason to look elsewhere.

Fulcrum Racing Zero C17 2-way Fit Wheelset

In terms of aluminium, performance-focussed, climbing wheels there’s few better options—particularly when value for money is considered—than the Fulcrum Racing Zero C17 2-way fit wheelset. The “two-way fit” refers to the fact that these wheels can be run with either tubes or without. The shallow rim profile of these wheels makes it clear that they are tended for climbing. They’re also lightweight (~1500 grams) and stiff, making them responsive and quick to get up to speed when the road does pitch upwards. For a sub-£1,000 aluminium wheelset, there are few options offering as much performance and value as this excellent set from Fulcrum.

Garmin Edge 1030

Last year the Garmin Edge 1030 was one of our biggest sellers; it’s not difficult to understand why. It packs more features than you could ever possibly need into one well-constructed device. This year, Garmin released the Edge 1040 Solar and Edge 1040. We have all these devices in Black Friday offerings and we expect them all to flying off the proverbial shelf. If battery life is a concern, the Edge 1040 utilises the power of the sun to re-charge the computer on the go. Even if you don’t ride for more than a few hours, there’s been a number of upgrades to both the hardware and software of the Edge 1040. The screen has been improved, routing and navigation is better than ever, and there’s more training and performance metrics than you can imagine.

4iiii Precision Power Meter

Training with a power meter is one of the best ways to take your training to the next level. 4iiii’s range of Precision power meters is one of the most affordable ways to start training with power. Whether it’s a single sided Precision 2 or 3, or a dual-sided Pro, we stock a number of options for both road and off-road riding. Based in Canada, 4iiii are widely regarded as one of the market leaders for power meters. Their strive for introducing an affordable power meter has arguably contributed to the improvement of power meters across the range.

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