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Precision 2 Power Meters

Power meters have quite literally changed the way that cyclists train and race but gone are the days that they were only obtainable by pros and/or the particularly deep pocketed. The spread of these cycling aides can partly be attributed to 4iiii, the Canadian-based cycling tech company.

From their base in the Rocky Mountains, 4iiii have come to be regarded as one of the market leaders of power meters and the Precision 2 is no exception. Building on the brand’s years worth of experience, this is a highly accurate and affordable power meter. There’s few—if any—reasons to look any further for a power meter than here.

World-Leading Accuracy

Regardless of whether you’re an experienced user of power meters or you are just dipping your toes into the water, a device that produces accurate information, that is reliable, is a must. If you can’t count on the data you’re seeing being correct, then you’re really only carrying about dead weight—something no cyclist wants to do. Luckily, the 4iiii Precision 2 is well regarded has being one of the most accurate and reliable power meters on the market. Offering +/-1% accuracy, there are few brands in the same ballpark.

Combine this accuracy with the reliability that 4iiii are known for and you’ll be able to train and race to power worry free.

Additionally, the Precision 2 is also one of the most discrete. Weighing only 9 grams, even the most weight conscious cyclists would be hard pressed to notice it while riding. Being only a slender attachment to the inside of your crank arm it also fits virtually any bike frame.

Fit, Sync, Ride

Setting up with your device is thankfully a simple process. Your device is pre-installed on a brand-new crank arm. Simply replace the crank arm on your bike with the new one. You can pair and configure the power meter via the brand’s iOS or Android app and then pair it with your choice of bike computer. From receiving your new tech to getting out on a ride could be just minutes! From here, with a fresh battery, you can expect 100+ hours of use before having to pay it further attention.

What’s more, 4iiii understand that despite their best efforts, no one is perfect. It’s for this reason all Precision 2 devices come with a three-year warranty.

So whether you’re an experienced cycle trainer or a newbie just setting out, there’s a power meter here for you.

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