Have you ever seen someone and thought that they looked like their pet?

While kicking back at PBK towers the other day we got round to wondering what the past and present members of the peleton and pro-teams pets might look like, purely tongue-in-cheek of course…

Now what would Alberto’s pet be?

Bubbles and Mr Tiny.

What pet for the Italian stallion?

Trick question! A stallion of course.

What pet for Mr Bettini?

Too mean?!

What pet for Andy?

Must be an Afghan hound.

What pet for Cadel?

Freddie the frog.

There’s only one companion for The Boss…

…a Wolf.

Dave Brailsford demands the best from his pet…

A Bulldog, strong and British!


A sloth! Easy to keep up with.

What pet for the Manx missile?

A ferret – Fast and furious!

What pet for Liz Hatch?

A Cougar of course!

What pet for Fabian Cancellara?

We think a Komodo dragon.

Mr Mosquera needs a companion while he serves his suspension…

We think this little Affenpinscher will keep him fit and their eyebrows match.

What pet for Bjarne Riis?

A bald cat maybe? He’d have to leave it at home on his commando style training camps though.

Carlos Sastre needs a pet to cheer him up.


Have you got any rider/pet ideas? We’re looking forward to hearing them!




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