It’s that time of year again when we move on to our rugged winter bikes, put those sleek track wheels in for the local league or get all muddied up with Cyclo-Cross or Mountain Biking. Whatever discipline you are doing this winter PBK has a tyre for you!

Winter Riding

1For winter the Tyre of choice at the moment seems to be the Continental Gator Skin http://www.probikekit.co.uk/bicycle-tyres/continental-gatorskin-clincher-road-tyre/10780033.html

These Tyres have superb puncture resistance so you can ride over gravel grit and muck with confidence that you are not going to blow out your tube. They also have some of the best grip I’ve ever ridden, goes with their motto ehy!

For the more competitive riders the Continental GP4000 offer less rolling resistance and are much lighter but I think they are not so rugged, either way they are a top tyre for all year round.




Track Riding


Tubs for track, nothing else cuts it for racing here, I’ve ridden these http://www.probikekit.co.uk/bicycle-tyres/vittoria-pista-evo-cs-tubular-track-tyre/10776985.html at both Manchester and Scunthorpe Track Leagues and no issues at all, not punctured on the even with glass on the track at Scunthorpe (although puncture resistance isn’t something I look for in track tubs!) They glue on relatively easy and can run up to 175psi which is more than what anybody would want to race on especially with Carbon bars!






3When gluing these on I found that the Continental Tub glue was by far the easiest to use, it had the best consistency and easiest to move around the surfaces. Compared to the Vittoria product which I found to be VERY messy and difficult to spread (and clean of the rim which is always a job for “small boy”)




If racing isn’t your thing and you don’t want Tubs you can still ride clinchers on the track for an approved list for Manchester please check out this list. http://www.nationalcyclingcentre.com/track/safety-information/

Also take note that brand new tyres need to be rubbed down and softened up a little as the waxy residue left by the manufacturing process of the tyre is very slippery. Rub the surface with alcohol or white vinegar or other degreaser before use. Ride the first three laps on the Cote d’Azure or bottom of track. You can also use soft emery or sand paper too. I used these tyres and they were fine when I couldn’t afford some tubular wheels. http://www.probikekit.co.uk/bicycle-tyres/schwalbe-ultremo-dd-clincher-road-tyre/10776891.html




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