As a cyclist or in fact any athlete we are always searching for the perfect item. Spending hours doing something active requires clothing that doesn’t restrict us from getting the job done, and done well. When it comes to finding decent baselayers we can be particularly fussy. No one wants to be cold when the temperature drops nor do we want to feel like we are absorbing every bit of sweat into our kit, leaving us feeling damp as soon as we stop moving.

ODLO are a brand that can offer protection for all seasons. Their warm range is essential for those who are active in winter and their cool range for those who only play out when the sun is high in the sky and the temperatures rise. They are the clothing sponsor for AG2R and dressing a Procyclist is no walk in the park. Getting  their kit wrong could cost them a podium place so it is essential  that ODLO design their items to be punished and to cross the line before the rest.

ODLO have a three layering principle to their garments. The first is transport it is the moisture management part of the layer, no matter how much you sweat you are left feeling dry and comfortable. This is where the baselayers come into effect. They are the barrier between our bodies and our jerseys and will play a role in how comfortable you are during your activity.

The second layer concentrates on regulation. ODLO know that regulating your temperature is extremely important. When someone is too cold then tend to tense up, and use more energy to generate warmth, too hot and they heat up, sweat more and tire faster.

The third layer focuses on protection. Weather changes and when it does we need to be sure that the kit we are wearing protects us when we need it.

For the spring/summer months ODLO offer two different types of baselayers.

The Cool range: An extremely light, highly breathable fabric with maximum moisture transfer that is quick to dry as well. These baselayers are designed for hot temperatures when regulating your core temperature is essential.

The Light range: The light range is very versatile and good for all weather, and all seasons. It will benefit someone who goes out in below zero who is doing something very active like running and up to 25 degrees for someone who is doing some light efforts . Again the light has excellent moisture transfer as well as being a quick drying item.

All items benefit from Effect by ODLO functional fibre; a fabric that reduces the growth of bacteria to help prevent unpleasant odours. This is the type of baselayer you always wish that guy at the gym would discover and the type of garment you ensure you wear so you don’t turn noses when you work out.

Technical specifications are important when considering a purchase but the thing everyone wants to know is, does it do what it says? The simple answer, yes.

ODLO baselayers are extremely comfortable and they really do perform. I have found that the cool range is essential to my workouts, especially in spinning classes or hot summer rides out. And this winter my warm OLDO has kept me more than comfortable even when parading out in the extremely windy, cold days the winter months have thrown at me. With no restrictions to movement and the fact that they are extremely light and soft I often forget I am wearing it.

As an athlete or as someone who just enjoys being outdoors what we wear is hard to get right. We often wear the wrong clothes for the weather and can end up way to hot or too cold. If you want to get it right, then start with a good baselayer as it could be the difference between freezing or overheating. The greatest thing about the ODLO range is that it is easy to know which one to wear, that way you are able to help regulate your temperature and get on with your day, whatever activity you choose.






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