With the end of the 2010 season comes a raft of new Campagnolo 2011 components. Aside from the new groupsets which all feature the new graphics, we have the Super Record Titanium axle chainset and specific Cyclocross wheelsets.

Campagnolo have proven to be a name and also a guarantee:

“Incredible construction quality and obsessive attention to detail make Campagnolo the indisputable point of reference in the world of cycling. The tireless work of the Campagnolo R&D engineers has always aimed at creating products that are constantly improved in terms of performance and durability over time.”

Since they have been making parts since 1933, the release of such specific products as the Cross wheels lets you know that they aren’t just sitting around all day counting the cash. The development and testing that these wheels have gone through shows some great effort.

Cyclocross Wheelsets:

Specially made for those who like to ride around sand pits and perfect the running jump onto the bike,

3 wheelsets at 3 price points to suit all types and level or racer.

Khamsin CX:

Ideal for beginners, this wheel is strong and will handle even the strongest of riders. If you’re tough and hard on your bikes, this is the set you need.

  • All of the Cyclocross wheels feature hubs with special dedicated seals to keep rain, mud and sand out to keep you running smooth and free for longer.
  • The G3 lacing of the wheels retains spoke tension during revolution and while under stress for impeccable performance.
  • Spokes are straight pull stainless steel with brass nipples so have no weak points.
  • Supplied with rim tape fitted and with quick releases.
  • A true weight of 875/1096g on our office scales.
  • From £143.99.

Vento Reaction CX:

The mid-range wheelset with a different hub flange design for increased response and less weight due to the cut-outs.

The unique seals remain for smooth running after many race miles. G3 lacing remains for great feel and this time with double butted spokes for extra stiffness, srength and a slight aero factor.  Brass nipples throughout ensure longevity and reliability.

All of the rims on the Cross wheels feature a deep upper bridge which aids fitting tyres and tubes without pinching (and maybe without swearing!)

A true weight of 871/1059g on the set here shows a slight weight loss but once you’ve fitted a tyre and caked it with mud you’ll never know!

Fitted with rim tape at the factory and quick releases are in the box.

From £192.99 – look out for PBK site discount on this!

The Scirocco CX:

The road version of the Scirocco continues to offer performance at a great price.

The Cross version sees changes to the hubs with extra seals to prevent debris getting in and ruining your bearings.

Compared with the other two, the rim sidewall is machined to take off excess weight and increase braking feel.

G3 double butted spoking keeps everything straight and true along with oversized flanges and brass nipples.

Again these include rim tape and quick releases.

From £226.99.

[All Campagnolo wheels are supplied with a Campag freehub and are 700c for regular clincher tyres.]

It’s hard not to notice that for 2011 all of the components feature new graphics,

particularly on the shifters and derailleurs. This new look is combined with the new technologies which Campagnolo have developed. Power-Torque has simplified and strengthened their chainsets, while the X.P.S.S. makes shifting precise and sure-footed – as you need it to be when racing.

The 2011 groupsets that are available are the Veloce, Centaur, Athena, Chorus, Record and Super Record (including the Ti axle option). We have them all in now, available as complete groupsets or individual components.

If you haven’t heard of this X.P.S.S. here’s the low-down:

“The new design of the chains up shifting and downshifting has been analysed to the smallest detail with mathematical functions to simulate possible movements of the chain on the chainrings and design optimal angles.

We have also reviewed the profile of the chainring teeth to enhance efficiency and compatibility with the 11-Speed chain and the cleverly-shaped derailleur to contribute to making the movement of the chain extremely quick, even under load.”

To understand fully, take two minutes to watch this official Campagnolo video (it’s great!):

To finish, I’d like to introduce you to some exoctica in the form of the Titanium axle Super Record chainset.

We have just received a set and wow!

I always knew Ti had a nice finish to it, but it’s going to be a real shame that the axles spend the majority of their time inside your frame.

It retains the usual Campag style, with red hinted graphics and dark anodised chainrings.

It WEIGHS just 589g (for a compact 172.5mm version) which includes the CULT ceramic bearings which are supplied with it.

Costly, but the amount of Ti in the axle alone must cost a fortune!

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