Based in Scotland, Endura is the largest UK cycling brand on the market. Their goals are to provide cyclists with clothing that lasts without the major price tag and to be seen on trails and roads around the world. As Scotland weather is rather temperamental they are also able to aggressively test their kit to ensure it stands the temperamental forecasts generally endured by those who ride often.

This season Endura has developed their FS260-Pro range even more, with influence from the peloton but made for us mere mortals. The Roubaix Jacket looks impressive with its soft, insulating fabric, it is cut for the racing cyclist and perfect for those training rides in cooler weather. The FS260-Pro Printed jersey got a great big thumbs up from the staff at PBK and I couldn’t agree more. This jersey just feels as if it will last and the cut is perfect for training and racing too. Match it with the FS260-Pro bibshort and you have a pro looking outfit ready for attacking that Strava segment.

One of the best bits of kit I have ever bought is the Stealth Lite bibtights. If you live in the UK then these are likely going to become your best friend. Made with Entrant waterproof membrane and waterproof stretch taping they allow you to ride on those horrible wet days without the restrictions of full waterproof trousers. They are especially great for touring or when attempting to conquer something like Lands’ End to John O’Groats where you can’t take a day off due to the weather. They do not come with a chamois so you just wear your favourite bibshorts under for the ultimate comfort.

A must for commuters the Luminite II Jacket is fully waterproof with 360 degree reflective for additional safety. Integrated into the rear pocket is a super bright LED unit with 3 flash modes. The light is a brilliant feature for some, but if you commute with a ruck sac on then it may be irrelevant. Still, you get a jacket with a built in light, which will impress your young children and make you the coolest parent ever!

But don’t stop at the jacket, Endura offer more in the Luminite range for those that don’t want to give drivers the chance to use the SMIDSY excuse. The range includes Women’s and men’s tights, gloves, overshoes and even a helmet cover with the same LED light offered in the jacket.

A great thing about Endura is their understanding of the various types of female riders. From the racing fit to the café socialite women ride as much as men but they fulfil many more roles as cyclist.

Women definitely deserve the same technical kit as the men, especially as many more women are on route to joining the racing elite. Endura offer the same FS260-Pro series for the women that they do for the men, but styled to fit the female form. The jersey is perfect for races and sportives and the FS260-Pro bib shorts are completely designed with the female form in mind, with a zipped construction on the thighs that allows for easy access when you need it most.

For those women not comfortable enough to cover themselves in Lycra they now offer the V Sport T which looks like a V Neck T Shirt but with the addition of rear pockets to store all your essentials. I say these are perfect for café rides or city cruises on your Pashley, but actually wouldn’t look out of place on a summer road ride.


Endura has increased their sunglasses range for this year launching an entire new range of Light Reactive lenses. These lenses incorporate technology that allows for a particularly broad range of light filtration and so are ideal for use in widely changing light conditions. There are various different styles to suit all face shapes and riding abilities and the anti-fog finish makes them user friendly when working up a sweat. The transfer from light to dark does work quite well and is particularly suited to road riding.

Endura haven’t been around for as long as some of the continental manufacturers but their understanding of cyclists needs shows that they are well on their way to becoming a worldwide success. Their sizing is good and generally you do not have to go up a size to feel comfortable. Looking through their range you can see where they have made improvements to meet the demands of the more serious cyclist without losing their appeal to those who just want to get out and enjoy the weather. The great thing about Endura is the fact that you get quality, long lasting kit, suited to the all climates at a cost that is still affordable.





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